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According to self-determination theory, competence motivation involves

self-efficacy and mastery

Which of the following best describes cultural differences in the facial expression of emotion?

Facial expressions for certain emotions do not differ significantly across cultures.

Ray played basketball all of his life because he loved the sport. He became so good that he was given the opportunity to play professionally, and eventually he signed a very lucrative contract. After that contract ran out, the team offered him slightly more money, but he decided that it was not enough and that he wanted to quit. Which of the following best explains Ray's behavior from a motivational perspective?

Extrinsic motivation has replaced Ray's intrinsic motivation to play basketbal

According to the circumplex model of mood, a wheel of mood states can be created from the two independent dimensions of _____.

valence and arousal level

_____ stems from the desire to do something in order to obtain rewards or avoid punishment from the social environment, whereas _____ stems from internal factors such as organismic needs.

Extrinsic motivation/intrinsic motivation

Adding external rewards to a situation in which the person is already intrinsically motivated to perform usually results in _____.

reduced intrinsic motivation

Which of the following statements about instincts is false?

Instincts are learned behavioral responses.

According to recent research on sexual patterns of behavior in the United States, _____.

marriage and monogamy rule sexual behavior

According to drive reduction theory, the goal of drive reduction is _____.


Which of the following is most related to extrinsic motivation?