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People who are high in ______ tend to engage in activities that have immediate short-term appeal.


Evolutionary psychology, in contrast to sociobiology, emphasizes the idea that

acting in a selfless manner has an evolutionary advantage.

Impulsive is to the ‘hot system’ as ______ is to the ‘cool system’.


Activation of the ______ serves to promote the suppression of inappropriate behavior.

behavioral inhibition system


can influence the approach or avoidant direction of behavior.

Contemporary motivation theory assumes that all behavior represents an attempt to adapt. This illustrates a strong influence of _________ psychology on current thinking about motivation.


The existence of the reward pathway in the brain indicates, among other things, that

there is a biological basis for feelings of pleasure and biological systems to help us acquire adaptive behaviors.

Which of the following best illustrates the idea that humans may have evolved to ‘err on the side of caution’?

running when startled

Which of the following is most strongly associated with the idea that innate predispositions can be altered (at least somewhat) by certain experiences or thought processes?

plasticity of brain structures

_______ is thought to depend upon ‘receptor orientation and selective attention’, while ___ is thought to depend upon ‘organizational tendencies to construct meaning’.

Associative learning; cognitive learning

Which of the following can best be characterized as focusing more on ‘long-term decision making’ as opposed to ‘short-term situational decision-making’?

goal-setting theory

Self-efficacy refers to

beliefs about capabilities to succeed.

Conditional love, according to Carl Rogers, develops when people

are loved for what they do.


are useful in helping us to understand and redirect our behavior.

Because attention is not always under voluntary control, psychologists often make a distinction between

deliberate and incidental learning.