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What historical event provides a firm date for historicizing the letters of Paul?

Paul’s appearance before L. Iunius Gallio Annaeanus.

What century saw the official formation of the Christian canon (i.e. in what century was the canon officially recognized in its current form)?

Fourth century AD

What indication is there that Luke traveled with Paul on his missionary journeys?

Luke writes in the first person plural (“we”) sometimes

Are there academic disputes regarding whether or not Paul authored all of the letters attributed to him in the New Testament?


What principle guided the ordering of Paul’s letters in the canon?

The letters of Paul are organized according to their length.

What is the primary composition language of the second half of the New Testament?


What are the italics used for in the King James Version of the Bible?

Italicized words represent words that are not present in the Greek or Hebrew manuscript used by the translators.

Which of the following statement summarizes what the Bible Dictionary teaches concerning the Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible?

The Joseph Smith Translation is an invaluable aid to interpretation.

Which word most accurately describes the tone of 2 Corinthians as discussed in the reading material for this lesson?


In the New Testament period, the inhabitants of Philippi had shifted from being _________ to being _________?

Greek to being Roman.

Which of the following statement best characterizes Paul’s Corinthian opponents based on the reading section from this lesson?

Paul’s Corinthian opponents were Christians.

Paul taught that the cross of Christ was central to his teaching of the gospel.


What reason can be attributed to Paul giving a recitation of his trials, hardships, and persecutions in 2 Corinthians?

To demonstrate his sincerity in teaching the gospel

In which letter does Paul discuss the issue of his own mortality and whether or not it might be preferable to return and live with the Lord?


Corinth has often been disparaged as being a haven for pagan culture. Which one of the following statements accurately summarizes what is said in the Podcast regarding this issue?

Corinth was a typical Greek city of its day.

Who received the money from the collection during the drought.

The Saints in Jerusalem.

1 Corinthians is the first letter that Paul wrote to the saints of Corinth.

False, there was one before this one that we don't have.

How many lost letters to the Corinthians are mentioned in this lesson (they are summarized in the chart “Paul’s Visits and Letters to Corinth”).


Which three things can be concluded as a result of Judaism becoming increasingly sectarian (i.e. the rise of factions like the Pharisees)?

1.Infighting arose between Jewish groups who held different beliefs (Pharisees, Sadducees, and Essenes).

2. Synagogues gained authority, power, and influence.

3. Some books of the Old Testament began to be emphasized while others were de-emphasized.

There were official Roman persecutions of the Church prior to the year AD 50. True or False?


Based on the reading assignment for this lesson, there is evidence to support the idea that the stoning of Stephen was a mob act and/or that it was an official act against him. True or False?


The actions of which of Alexander the Great’s successors resulted in the Maccabean revolt?

Antiochus Epiphanes IV

Following the Bible Dictionary entry “Proselytes,” the conversion of a God-fearer named _____________ was a momentous occasion in the growth of the early Christian Church?


The Hasmonean dynasty changed the governance of Judea and Galilee in significant ways. Which of the following statements is true concerning those changes?

The Hasmoneans began to rely on foreign alliances to settle their political squabbles in Judea and Galilee.

Following the Bible Dictionary entry “Herod,” Herod the Great married into one of the great political families (dynasties) of his day. This marriage created a political alliance that greatly strengthened Herod’s claim to power. Which political family (dynasty) did Herod the Great marry into?

The Maccabees

Read the three accounts of Paul seeing the Lord on the Road to Damascus (Acts 9:1–22; 22:1–21; 26:1–29). After reading the three accounts, please identify one of the similarities in the three accounts from the list below. In all three:

Paul recounts his experience as a persecutor.

What does the term “libertine” mean in Acts 6:9?

Freed Man.

In Paul’s day it was an acceptable practice for scribes to edit the letter they were dictating. True or False?


What interpretive obstacle is discussed in 1-2 Theselonians with regard to understanding Paul’s epistles?

They are one sided conversations where we only have one side.

Based on the sequence of Acts, in which order did Paul visit the cities of Athens, Corinth, Philippi, and Thessalonica?

Philippi, Thessalonica, Athens, and then Corinth

Paul began his first mission to the Gentiles in the same year as his conversion on the road to Damascus. True or False.


In trying to understand whether Christianity originally had an underlying anti-Semitic message, a passage of Paul is often cited. Which one of the following statements is true concerning that passage?

English translations often interpret one of Paul’s statements as anti-Semitic when it is not decisively anti-Semitic.

With whom did Paul travel when he visited Thessalonica on his second missionary journey?




Which statement most accurately defines Luke’s attempt to tell the history of the early Church?

Luke emphasized eyewitness accounts.

Which three things does Paul address in 1–2 Thessalonians?

The timing of the Second Coming

The Apostasy

The Parousia

Where did early Christian missionaries initially find the most fertile missionary ground?

In Jewish synagogues

What modern English word most appropriately translates the word apostasia (Greek) as it was discussed in this lesson?


Paul mentions mortal bodies on several occasions. In what context(s) does he do so?

Regarding his own body: the infirmity of the flesh

Regarding resurrected bodies and their attendant glory

Regarding the differing types of resurrected bodies

Three things that were decided at the Jerusalem Council.

Gentiles were asked not to eat meat that had been used in a pagan sacrifice.

Gentiles were permitted to remain uncircumcised.

Gentile members were requested to avoid fornication.

Doctrinally speaking and relying upon your reading of the Epistle to the Galatians, what is Paul’s point of emphasis in Galatians?

That the Law of Moses was given to prepare the world for the gospel.

Three factors that led to dissension in the early Church?

Jews who wanted Christians to obey the Law of Moses

Christians who brought with them their cultural practices and norms

Christians who fought amongst themselves for authorit

The opponents whom Paul refers to as “super apostles” are from which Pauline Epistle?

1–2 Corinthians

Which sentence most accurately and completely defines Torah?

The 613 commandments of the Law of Moses

What were the two letters that were lost?

A letter of tears.

A letter where Paul instructed the saints not to make company with fornicators

Who was Chloe?

She informed Paul of problems in Corinth.

What was paul's infirmity of the flesh?

Something was wrong with his eyes.

What was the decision made at the Jerusalem conference.

The Jerusalem Conference decided that ethnic Jews and ethnic Gentiles who were Christian would all live the same laws.

One of the features of the book of Acts is that it emphasizes certain details from the life of Paul. The reading section for this lesson addresses some of these. Which one of the following is one of those features?

Paul spent a significant amount of time imprisoned.

Which statement is true concerning Theophilus based on the reading assignments for this lesson?

Theophilus may have been a patron of Luke.

What are the three primary differences between using the book of Acts versus Paul’s letters for reconstructing Paul’s life?

Luke’s account is based on firsthand experiences and eyewitness accounts.

Paul’s letters are our only primary sources for understanding his life.

Luke recorded details of some events that are not mentioned in Paul’s letters.

What was the earliest designation applied to the followers of Jesus?

The Way

One theme that connects the Gospel of Luke and the book of Acts is the theme of unjust punishment and imprisonment (by Jesus and by Paul).


Whose departure during Paul’s first missionary journey to Cyprus and Asia Minor offended Paul?

John Mark

What change in practice helped slowly usher in the shift that lead to Christians no longer attending the Jerusalem temple and the local Jewish synagogues?

The rise of house-churches

Who had James the brother of John put to death?

Herod Agrippa I