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How does the text define lift?

One complete set of hoisting action's performed by workers who transport a load from a Starting point to a destination

What is breaking strength

The tension at which a material is expected to break.

How is over head crain defined

An individual crane composed of a hoist trolley that travels along a horizontal bridge beam, which travels along a pair of overhead runways

When is a qualified engineer required for lift planning

Lift requires equipment and precedures that are unsual and do not conform to established standards

How is fall zone defined

An area where partially or completely suspended materials might land if they become loose form a load or if the rigging or crane fails

Are non standards hand signals ever permitted during a lift?

Only if the standard signal set is not practical

Know the hand signals for

Raise boom, lower boom, hoist, crawler crane travel both tracks

50-57 pages to study

What is the volume of copper rod 96" in length and 3/4 in diameter


1/4 π•d2•L

How is chain defined?

A series of connected metal links

How should a load be lifted if center of gravity calculations haven't been done

Move lifting points based on small lifts to find center

The rated load is the ____ _____ that a rigging component may be subjected to while maintaining an appropriate margin of safety

Maximum tension

A _____ inspection is a thorough rigging equipment inspection performed at the beginning of each work day or shift by the user of equipment


The strenght of the chain and chain attachments depend on?

The steel alloys from which they are made

To prevent it's inadvertent use, damaged equipment must be properly _____ as such until it can be _____ or ______


Repaired or destroyed

Wire rope is composed of a core surrounded by strands, each of which is composed of a specific pattern of wires of

Different size

What is the primary advantage of synthetic slings

Generally Resistance to most common industrial chemicals

Know fallowing slings types

What type of wire expose wires to wear at the outer surface, which increases the useful life of the ropes

Lang lay rope

___ ___ manilia rope is allowed for use in lifting equipment in a rigging application

Number one

_____ is the combination of ropes and accessories used with blocks to gain mechanical advantage for lifting


_____ is the distance from the cup of a hoists top hook to the cup of the hoist hook when it is at its upper limit of travel

Head room