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What is Apex?
Procedural scripting language that is written in discrete pieces. Looks like Java and acts like database stored procedures. Executed entirely on platform.
What kind of content can be included in a visualforce page?
Visual Force Tags Merge Tags
HTML, Java, Flash and any other code that can execute in an html page
What is the difference between an email template and a mail merge template?
Mail Merge is done in an outside application (paper driven).

An Email Template is sent from inside the SF application via email. (electronic).
What user permissions are needed to add content?
- Manage Workspace
-Add Content
What are some ways to make it easier for users to reach the merging tool?
-Build a custom link to Merge Wizard
-Merge using the excel connector
What is the Excel Connector?
Excel add-in that provides bi-directional access tot he API via toolkit for office. Good for cleaning and mass-updating data in salesforce within a spreadsheet.
What are some general ways to enhance user productivity?
-Minimize clicks by overriding buttons, enabling inline editing, short cuts, roll-up summaries, cross-object formulas, hotkeys, etc
How many records can be deleted at once using the mass delete tool?
How many levels deep can cross-object formulas go?
What are the benefits of Apex versus other approaches?
Apex runs natively on SFDC servers so it is faster than non-server code and is supported by SFDC.
Why is it important to allow regions to choose their field labels and picklist values?
Language Translation
Is it possible to modify applications downloaded from the app exchange?
Yes, only if they are unmanaged packages.
What is forensic investigation?
Log a case with Salesforce to see if a user has exported data within a particular time frame.
True or False: The excel connector can retrieve data from multiple objects in one query.
What does territory management allow you to do?
Territory management gives you the ability to use account criteria to expand a private sharing model.
Can you use forecasts with territory management?
Not the standard forecasts, but you can use custom forecasts. Each user will have a forecast for each territory they are a part of.
What is the limit to the number of territories that a user can belong to in territory management?
None, each user can exist in multiple territories.
What kind of workflow action will not work when the evaluation criteria is set to "every time a record is created or edited"?
Time - dependent workflows
Can you convert a lead that has pending actions from a time-dependent workflow?
Can you reference Date or Time fields that contain automatically derived functions such as "Today" or "Now" in a time-dependent workflow?
What is the Partner Portal?
Allows Partners to log into salesforce with your own branding with limited access to data.
How many entries can a custom picklist have?
How many characters can an entry from a custom picklist have?
How many entries can a custom multiselect picklist have?
How many characters can an entry from a custom multiselect picklist have?
How selections can you make on a custom multiselect picklist?
Up to 100
Can you create a list view in console?
What is the mini view?
In Console, it shows you records associated with the record displayed in the detail view. Fields displayed are defined by the mini view page layout.
Can you send an email notification upon case escalation to someone who is not a user?
How many custom fields can a custom lead field be mapped to/
What is a junction object?
A custom object that joins many records of one object on one side to many records of another object on the other side. No custom tab needed.
How many external ids can an object have?
up to 3
How many characters can a formula have?
Up to 3900
How do you get around the character limit of a formula?
Formula fields can contain up to 3,900 characters, including spaces, return characters, and comments. If your formula requires more characters, create separate formula fields and reference them in another formula field.
What are Assets?
allow you to track products or services an account or contact has purchased
How many lookup filters can you have per object?
Up to 5
How many validation rules can you have per object?
Up to 20 in lower editions, 100 & 500 in upper editions
How many fields can have field history tracking per object?
Up to 20
How many formulas can you have per report?
How many field filters can you have per report?
Can you delete something with a change set?
No, change sets can only add things
What kind of privacy will a junction object have?
It will inherit the most restrictive organization wide default of its parents.
How do you add "notes & attachments" to a custom object?
This can only be added at the time the object is created.
What does a custom tab enable you to do for an object?
It makes the object searchable and it adds it to the "create new" drop down on the side bar
How do you turn off role hierarchy on an object?
On the actual object
What are organization-wide defaults?
The default level of access a user has to records they do not own
How do you determine which objects a user can see?
On their profile
What does role hierarchy do?
It opens up access to records vertically. (for users above other users int he role hierarchy)
What do sharing rules do?
They open up access to records laterally.
How do you override record access?
1.By checking the "View all Data" and "Modify all Data" system permissions on a profile. (gives users with that profile access to all records for all objects)

2.By checking the "View All" and "Modify All" on Object Permissions on a profile. (gives users with that profile access to all records for that specific object)
Besides for opening up access to records, where else do roles control access and visibility?
Reports, forecasts, folders and knowledge
When should you use permission sets?
To handle one-off permissions
How should you define a hierarchy of roles?
Define bu the data access needs, not by the org chart
Should you always assign a user to a role in the role hierarchy?
Yes, but it is not required.
How do you reduce the number of sharing rules?
Use public groups and criteria based sharing
How are accounts assigned to a territory in territory management?
They can be manually assigned or assigned using account assignment rules to one or more territories.
In territory management, if only one territory is common to both the account owner and the opportunity owner, will salesforce automatically assign the opportunity to the territory in common?
What happens if multiple territories are in common between the account owner and opportunity owner in territory management?
The opportunity owner must manually assign a territory to the opportunity.
What is the territory hierarchy?
Similiar to role hierarchy, an account is accessible by all users in territories to which it is assigned as well as to those above them in the territory hierarchy.
Can territory management be disabled?
No, once it is enabled, it cannot be disabled.
What must be enabled in order to enable territory management?
Custom forecasting
How is forecast data derived when territory management is enabled?
From the opportunities associated with a user's territory, users will have a different forecast for each territory to which they are assigned.
What is an encrypted text field?
a text field that contains letter, numbers or symbols which are encrypted.
Who can see the value of an encrypted field?
Only users that have the "View Encrypted Data" permission on their profile
Can you still view a field if it is not on a page layout?
Yes, page layouts restrict access to a field on record detail and edit pages only. Users can still access the field in related lists, search results, reports and list views.
Can you still view a field that has been restricted with field-level security?
No, field level security restricts access to a field on record detail and edit pages, related lists, search results, reports and list views.
What is a sandbox?
a replica of your production organization that allows you to develop code and configure changes, test and train in a separate organization without risking or compromising data.
What happens when a sandbox is created or refreshed?
The metadata is copied from the production environment to the sandbox.
What is metadata?
Metadata contains the information about the look and feel of the application along with its functionality.
Explain the difference between Metadata and Data?
The metadata is the information about the look, feel and functionality and the data is the actual contents or record.

For example, the field label, api name, and data type of a field called credit status are the metadata. The value of excellent on a given record is the actual data.
Described a full sandbox.
Copies the entire production (metadata and data), has a storage limit based on the production org and can be refreshed every 29 days.
How often can a full sandbox be refreshed?
every 29 days
Described a configuration-only sandbox.
Copies only the metadata from the production org, does not copy data but can load up to 500mb, can be refreshed once a day.
How often can a configuration-only sandbox be refreshed?
once a day
How much data can a configuration-only sandbox hold?
Which sandbox types copy both metadata and data?
Only a full sandbox.
Describe a developer sandbox.
copies only the metadata from the production organization, does not copy data but can load up to 10mb and can be refreshed once a day
How often can a developer sandbox be refreshed?
Once a day
How much data can a developer sandbox hold?
How many sandboxes can you have?
Depends on your salesforce edition, more can be purchased.
What tools are available for deploying changes to metadata?
1. Change sets
2. IDE
3. Migration Tool
What are change sets?
available from the setup menu, allow you to deploy metadata from one organization to a related organization.
What is the IDE?
the ide allows you to deploy metadata from one organization to a related or unrelated organization using a standard development environment.
What is the Migration Tool?
allows you to deploy metadata from one organization to a related or unrelated organization using an Apache ANT script.
What are the benefits of the IDE and Migration Tool?
They allow you to modify or delete metadata before deploying it to another organization and manage changes in a source-code control system.
Besides for change sets, migration tool and ide, what is one other way to deploy new components from sandbox to production?
Unmanage packages on the app exchange
Will changes made in an unmanaged package be propogated to other organizations with the same unmanaged package installed?
Can an unmanaged package be used to update existing components and applications?
What profile permissions must a user have in order to execute change sets?
"Manage Inbound Change Sets" and
"Create and Upload Change Sets"
What are the steps to deploy metadata using change sets?
1. Configure and test the changes in source environment.
2. Change the deployment connection to allow inbound changes in the target environment.
3. Create the outbound change set in the source.
4. Upload the change set in the source.
5. Validate the inbound change set in the target.
6. Deploy the inbound change set in the target.
7. Manually add metadata components that are not supported by change sets in the target.
8. Test the changes in the target.
What is the setup audit trail?
Tracks the recent setup changes made to an organization.
How can you see which components were added to a source organization during a change set?
Setup audit trail history in the setup menu under security controls.
Can change sets be used to delete components from an organization?
No it can only add things, you must manually delete components.
Are all metadata components and profile settings supported by change sets?
Will a renamed metadata component be recognized by the target organization in a change set?
No, it will be seen as a new component.
In a change set, does metadata merge or overwrite existing metadata?
What is a custom object?
An object you create to capture and manage additional data based on your specific business requirements.
What are the 4 basic steps to creating custom object?
1. Create object
2. Set up fields
3. Create custom tab (optional)
4. Set access and security
Do you have to create a custom tab when creating a custom object
What are the advantages of creating a custom tab for a custom object?
1An object home page
2records become searchable
3new records can be created from the Create New on the sidebar
What is the schema builder?
Used to view the relationships between objects and create new custom objects and fields.
What types of relationships can objects have?
Master-Detail and lookup
What is a master-detail relationship?
A strong relationship where the master record controls the behaviors of the detail records (sharing, ownership and deletion)
What is the Lookup relationship?
A loose relationship where parent records have no control over child records.
Who can view the child records in a master-detail relationship
Anyone with access to the master record.
Who can view the child records in a lookup relationship?
Depends on the child objects default sharing settings
Can I give access to child records to other users through manual sharing and sharing rules in a master-detail relationship
No, sharing will be determined at the parent record
Can I create a master-detail relationship if child records already exist?
Can I change the parent of detail record with a master-detail relationship?
Yes but only if select Allow Reparenting when you create the relationship.
What is a cross-object formula?
Allows you to display data from parent object or child object up to 10 relationships away.
What is a junction object?
Links to other objects together in a many-to-many relationship. (an object with two master-detail relationships to two other objects)
What is custom app?
a grouping of tabs that gives users access to just this objects, records and features they need for a specific business function.
What is a delegated administrator?
Non-admin Users that have been assigned limited administration priveleges
What is a delegated group?
A group of users you are assigning limited delegation privileges to that you can determine roles and subordinates that the group can create and edit users for, assignable profiles and custom object administration.
Do managed packages downloaded from the appexchange count against the custom app, tabs and object limits?
What are report types?
predetermined combinations of related objects and their fields that you use as starting points when building new custom reports.
What does the report type determine?
The objects and fields available, the filters available (based on primary object) and the default columns.
Are new custom fields added to standard report types?
What type of relationships do Standard Report types show?
"With" relationships

example Opportunities with products
What is an exception report?
Uses a "without" relationship to show where data doesn't exist

Example Accounts without Opportunities
How do you build an exception report?
Using cross filters
What is a subfilter?
lets you extend a cross filter by including only child records that meet certain criteria

Example Account without Open Opportunities
What is bucketing?
Bucketing lets you segment your report data by defining a set of categories or "buckets" to sort, group or filter records by.
What kind of fields can you use bucketing on?
Picklist, number, text
a function used in custom summary formula to return the value of a summary field from previous grouping.
What is a combination chart?
lets you plot and compare multiple summary values on a single chart
a function used in custom summary formulas to return the value of a summary field from a specified parent grouping or grand total
What is a dynamic dashboard?
A dashboard that displays the data of the user viewing it, rather than the data of the specified running user.
What is a dashboard filter?
Allows viewers to change the data visible on the dashboard by selecting a filter value from a dropdown list.
How many filters can you put on a dashboard?
How many values can a single dashboard filter have?
Up to 10
What is a joined report?
Let you combine multiple view or blocks of related information in a single report.
How many blocks or views can you have on a joined report?
up to 5
What is an analytic snapshot?
Lets you capture data from reports at scheduled points in time, which can later be used to build historical reports.
How many rows can an analytic snapshot capture at one time?
What are reasons an analytic snapshot will fail?
1 running user has been deleted
2 source report has been deleted or the type has been changed from tabular
3 there is a apex trigger on the target object
How do you find the details of a failed run of an analytic snapshot?
row failures related list (can view for up to 14 days)
What tools are available for processing data?
Connect for office, Excel connector and workbench
What is connect for office?
Allows you to pull Salesforce reports directly into Excel. Once in excel, you can use formulas to standardize, concatenate and clean data.
What is the Excel Connector?
Allows you to query, update, insert and delete data from within Excel. It is an unsupported tool.
What is Workbench?
Allows you to query, update, insert and delete data from within a website. It is an unsupported tool.
What three ways are there to make a field required?
1. Select the required checkbox when defining the custom field.
2. Set the field to Required on page layout.
3. Validation Rule
What happens if you select the Required checkbox when defining a custom field?
It becomes universally required, which means the field must have a value when a record is saved within salesforce, web to lead/ web to case, or the api
What happens if you set a field to required on a page layout?
requires the field to have a value when a record is saved from the edit page for the specific layout.
What types of fields can be universally required?
currency, date, date/time, email, lookup, masterdetail, number, percent, phone, text, text area, url
What are 6 ways to enforce data quality?
Validation rules
picklists and dependent picklists
custom lookup fields and lookup filters
custom formula fields
record types and page layouts
workflow field updates
What privilege must a user have in order to merge records?
How many records can be merged at one time?
Up to 3
How do you prevent duplicate leads declaratively?
You can use a custom field and a workflow field update to enforce uniqueness of a standard field (such as email address)
How do you prevent duplicate leads programatically?
A developer can build an Apex trigger to prevent duplicate records from being saved when a lead is created or updated.
What is an apex trigger?
code that executes before or after specific system events
What is
can clean and enrich an individual salesforce account, contact or lead record with the information from
What order do workflow triggers execute in?
Field Updates, Tasks, Email Alerts, Outbound Messages
What is the debug log?
records database operations, system processes and errors for a specified user every time that user executes a transaction.
What is Apex?
An object oriented programming language which allows developers to add business logic to system events
What is Visualforce?
allows developers to create new custom pages to replace standard layouts within the salesforce UI and can include Apex to incorporate advanced buisness logic functionality.
How many fields can an approval chatter post have?
How many components can you put in a single dashboard?
If you would like a report to be emailed to a user, does the report have to be in a public folder?
How many actions can each approval step have?
What type of actions can an approval step have?
Email Alert, Field Updates, Tasks, Outbound Messages
How many of each type of action can you have on a single approval step?
10 of each type, 40 total
What is parallel approval?
The ability to send approval requests to multiple users in the same role.
What kind of list views are available in the Console?
List views set by the system administrator on the Object's Tab


List views created by the Standard User
What happens if you mass transfer records from one user to another?
1. Sharing rules are reevaluated
2. The sales team of closed opportunities is maintained.
What two things does Workflow & Approval settings allow you to do?
Choose the default workflow user


Enable Email Approval Response
What setting affects how the date is formatted?
Can you customize decimal-place precision on a chart?
How many groups can you have on a chart?
Up to 250
How many values can you have on a chart?
Up to 4000
What are the three ways to add leads and contacts to a campaign?
1. search for contacts and leads from the manage members page

2. add to campaign option from campaign history related list

3. mass add leads to campaign and mass add contacts to campaign from the campaign objects tab.
Name two features of the Campaign Influence feature?
Allows you to see the list of campaigns influencial to an opportunity.

Allows you to manually add a campaign to the campaign influence related list.
Can you change the organization-wide default sharing default setting for Solutions and Service Contracts?
What type of relationships can objects have to each other?
master-detail, many-to-many, lookup, hierarchical
What is accessibility mode?
Salesforce provides an alternate user interface mode that enables users with screen readers (such as JAWS or Window-Eyes) to use the application more effectively. The “accessibility mode” includes the full functionality of Salesforce with slight modifications to create a better user experience for users with some disabilities or impairments, particularly those who are blind.
How many lead assignment rules can be active at one time?
When using the Import Wizard, what is the maximum file size?
When using the Import Wizard, what is the record size?
What is the maximum number of displayed characters after an evaluation of a formula expression?
Does the Campaign object support any Field History?
How many mobile and platform licenses can a developer org have?
5 of each
What does a user see if no translation exists for a custom field?
The default language label for the field
What do {!expressions} refer to when used in Visualforce components?
Can page layouts be customized in Ideas?
What is the total number of personal tags allowed per user?
Are custom buttons available on: 1. Web to Lead 2. Web to Case 3. User Object
What is the order of execution after a user saves a record?
1. All Apex BEFORE Triggers
2. System Validation Rules
3. Custom Validation Rules
4. All Apex AFTER triggers
5. Assignment Rules (leads/cases)
6. Auto-Response (leads/cases)
7. Workflow Rules
8. Escalation Rules (cases)
9. Post-commit logic (Parent Roll-up Summary fields triggers all of the above on the parent object)
How often can weekly data export requests be made?
every 6 days
What user permissions are needed to add content?
Manage Workspace
Add Content