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Primary ore of irons used to produce iron for steel.
Used to make flouride toothpast pottery and hydroflouric acid
Used to make "copper" pennies brass and nails
Primary use is for sheet rock or wallboard
used to make electrical wires brass bronze coins plumbing
Used in dentristry medicine jewlery / can be made thinner then human hair
used in manufacture of computer chips glass ceremaics
Used in photography chemissty coins mirrors
May be ground up to add sparkle to paints and cosmetics
used to make arrowheads spear points and knives
Used to make phosfate fertilizer and soft drinks
composed of calicium carbonite and is used in constuctuion
Most abundant elelment used to make containers and deoderants
primary source of lead used to make batteries fishing weights.....
Used as food seasoning water softener and de icer
The Process be which atoms are arranges to form a material with a crystal structure is refferd to as
What affects the size of crystals formed from magma
Rate at which mineral cools/ Chemical Composition/ Amount of gas mineral contains
How do minerals form from a hot water solution
Hot water molds elements into propeties minerals contain/ When water cools the minerals form`
A rock that contains a metal or economcally useful material is called a
The 5 characteristics that minereal must have are:
inorganic definite chemical compostion, naturally ocoouring, solid, crystal structure
Describe the three types of mines
Strip Mines: scrape away at soil to expose ore..
Open pit minning: big pit that hass ore
Shaft Mine: long tunnels that have veins of ore
A solid mixture of two or metals is
Why cant u rely on a single test when u are trying to identify a mieral
You cant take apart a mineral to see its properties. MEaning that 2 minereals could havee the same color or streak but all minerals have differnt atoms that make them up. and once they are in the mineral u cant take them out
What is the difference between and elemnet and a compound
A compound has to elements/ atoms chemically combined while a element is made up of one single atom
What is the difference between a mixture and a compound
a mixture consits of 2 or more substances but are NOT CHEMICALLY COMBINED
the gerologist have identified and classifiens the crystal structure of a mineral into haw many catergories
List 7 propeties
Hardnes....color.....luster.....streak.....cleaveg and fracture....density.....crystal sytems.....and also the special properties