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What makes up an Air Det?
89 Enlisted, 1 Officer
34 pieces of CESE
250-330 short tons of cargo
Deploy in 48 hrs, 30 days self-sufficient
What makes up an Air Echelon?
648 Personnel
103 pieces of CESE
1200-1250 tons of cargo
Deploys within 6 days
What makes up a Sea Echelon?
25 Personnel (1 officer)
remainder of CESE
Deploy within 6 days
caro and equip sustain 90 days
Name the types of aircraft used by the Seabees.
C-130 Hercules, ACL 25K lbs
C-141 Starlifter, ACL 50K lbs
C-17 Globemaster, ACL 90k lbs
C-5 Galaxy, ACL 150k lbs
What are the types of shoring?
Rolling-tracked vehicles
Parking-under wheels, axles
Sleeper-under balloon tires
Special-2 types, a-Dunnage all pallets require, b- Approach change ramp angle
What are the categories of equipment/cargo?
Bulk Cargo
Unitized Cargo
What are the types of CBR surveys?
What parts make up the M*A1 Chemical Alarm?
1. M43A1 Detector
2. M42 alarm
What are the Map Colors?
Black-cultural/man made
Brown-terrain features
Red-main roads, special features, enemy positions
What are the 6 parts to a fire command?
What are the 12 steps to planning a patrol?
S-study the mission
P-plan the use of time
S-study the terrain
O-organize the patrol
S-select men, weapons, and equipment
I-issue the warning order
M-make reconnaisance
C-complete the detail plan
I-issue the patrol order
S-supervise, inspect, rehearse, reinspect
E-execute the order
What does KOCOA stand for?
K-key terrain features
O-observation, fields of fire
C-cover and concealment
A-avenues of approach
What are the 4 principles of defense?
U-unity of command
What is considered a "full load" on the web belt?
web belt
field pack
two ammo pouches
canteen cover
What are the minimum necessities for field living?
canteen and cup
first aid pack
Mess kit
Shelter half
What is considered special issue equipment (comfort)?
Flak jacket
Sleeping bag
Sleeping mat
Cot with insect bar frame
Insect bar
What is information given if you are a P.O.W.
What makes up a SALUTE report?
What is an M-12?
Vehicle decon
500 gallon bladder
Water pump
Heater element
Name 6 chemical agents?
What is the M-291?
Personnel decon kit
What does NAAK stand for?
Nerve agent antidote kit
What does MOPP stand for?
Mission oriented protective posture
What is the M-274?
NBC contamination marking kit contains flags, tape, and mounting stakes
What are the 3 types of CBR surveys?
What does DTD stand for?
Detailed troop decon
What are the 8 steps to DTD?
Equipment overboots
Shuffle pit
overgarment removal
overboots and gloves
mask removal
mask decon
reissue point
How many personnel does it take to run DTD?
13 personnel,
5 detailed troops
5 troops to set up and run DTD
1 CBR officer
1 Medic
1 Supply person
What are the 8 cycles of operation for firing?
What is the maximum range for the M-9?
What is the maximum effective range of the M-9?
What is the maximum range of the M16E2A3?
What is the maximum effective range point and area of the M16A2E3?
Point 550M
Area 800M
What are the characteristics of the M-9?
Magazine fed
Recoil operated
air cooled
What are the characteristics of the M16A2E3?
Magazine fed
gas operated
air cooled
shoulder fired
semi auto
full auto
What are the characteristics of the 240B?
Belt fed
Gas operated
Air cooled
Crew serve weapon
What are the characteristics of the M-2, 50 cal?
Belt fed
recoil operated
air cooled
crew serve weapon
What are the characteristics of the MK-19?
Belt fed
Blowback operated
Air cooled
Indirect grenade launcher
What is the max range and max effective range of the 240B?
What is the Max range and max effective range of the M-2 50. cal?
What is the max range and max effective range of the MK-19?
What is the max range and max effective range of the AT4?
What is the max range and max effective range area and point of the M203?
Area 150M
Point 350M
What does NORS stand for?
Not operationally ready-supply
What does ANORS stand for?
Anticipated not operationally ready-supply
Camp maintenance store room- houses repair parts for in-camp maintenance
5 categories of OPTARS?
Consumable and service maintenance repair parts,
Camp maintenance,
Deployment per-diem det swings,
Training and emergency leave
What is the mission of the Underwater Construction Team (UCT)?
Construct, maintain, and repair underwater facilities, survey the sea bottom to select a site for an under water facility.
What is the mission of the Civic Action Tea (CAT)?
Small highly mobile, air transportable construction unit which can be tailored to a variety of construction tasks.
What is the naval construction force unit mission?
To provide logistical support for the NCR and other supported NCF
When is the Navy's Birthday?
October 13, 1775
Who is the father of the Seabees adn what was his job title?
Rear Admiral Ben Moreel, Chief of the Navy's Bureau of Yards and Docks
When is the Seabee birthday?
March 5, 1942
What lead to the formation of the Navy?
The Continental Navy, which the Continental Congress established on OCT 13, 1775 by authorizing procurement, fitting out, manning, and dispatch of 2 vessels to cruise in search of munitions ships supplying the British Army in America
What lead to formation of the Seabees?
The CEC had civilian contractors for all overseas construction. Navy realized in the event of war, they would need a combat trained military construction organization.
What are the 3 maritime services?
Navy, Marines, Coast Guard
Name the qualities of the Navy and Marine Corps?
What are some of the Seabee contributions during WWII?
325,000 Seabees served, built 111 air strips, 441 piers, 2558 ammunition mags, hospitals for 70,000. Espirito Santo - 5000 ft air strip in 20 days.
What are some Seabee contributions during Korea?
Inchon landing-positioned causeways for a beach assault under enemy fire.
Wonson-build a 35 day airstrip in 16 days under enemy fire and air raids
What are some Seabee contributions during Vietnam?
In Chu Lai- May 7, 1965 first full battalion arrived and built airfields for the Marines. Also built schools, hospitals, utilities systems and roads.
What are some Seabee contributions post Vietnam?
Development and construction of the U.S. Naval Communications Station on Diego Garcia
What does an EA do and what company do they belong?
Engineering Aid-performs construction surveying, drafting, planning, estimating and quality control. HQ company
What does a CM do and what company do they belong?
Mechanic-performs maintenance repair and overhaul of automotive, material handling, and construction equipment. A company
What does a BU do and what company do they belong.
Builder-performs construction maintenance and repair of wood, concrete and concrete pavement. C company
What does an SW do and what company do they belong?
Steelworkers-performs fabrication, assemble, erect, position, and join structural materials. C company
What does a UT do and what company do they belong?
Utilitiesman-performs maintenance and repair of plumbing, heating, steam, fuel storage, water treatment. B Company
Who was CM3 Marvin Shields?
1st Seabee to be awarded the Medal of Honor for his heroic defense of a special forces camp in Doug Zoai, Vietnam.
Who was SW2 Robert Stethem?
Awarded Bronze Star and Purple Heart. Brutally tortured and killed by terrorist while returning home on a commercial flight from Beirut Lebanon. USS Stetham is named after him.
What is the MOCC?
Mount Out Control Center
What happens at the MOCC?
Coordinates, monitors the movement of all personnel, supplies, and equipment to the staging area.
Who is responsible for the operation of the MOCC?
What is in the MOCC?
Node Charts, status boards, COMMS
During the Mount out, what is the S1 doing?
Admin officer is doing record verification
During the Mount out, what is the S2 doing?
S2-Intel officer is getting info on regional climatology, obtaining area maps, giving threat assessment.
During the Mount out, what is the S3 doing?
S3-OPS officer is responsible for tasking coordination.
During the Mount out, what is the S4 doing?
S4-Supply officer is coordinating the TOA, issue of gear, uniforms, orders
During the Mount out, what is the S6 doing?
S6-COMMO is making sure we have the correct COMM gear for the area.
During the Mount out, what is the S7 doing?
S7-Training officer is making sure we have all tng records ready and Ordnance and weapons are controlled and issued.
What is C company doing during the Mount out?
Used for working parties, building pallets and may help with weights and balances.
What is B company doing during the Mount out?
Weights and balances, inventory of TOA, wash rack and security.
What are some of the characteristics of a 436L pallet?
88x108 full dimension
84 x 104 usable space
96 inches of cargo ht
10,000 max weight with nets
7500 preferred weight
What are the steps of marshalling?
1. dispatch and check vehicle
with hard card
2. collaterial
3. wash rack
4. mechanics/shop
5. wash rack
6. minimize height
7. de-fuel to 1/4 tank
8. mobile load
9. weights and balances
10. staged in chocks
What are the cargo containers?
standard 20' TRICON flatrack half height SIXCON
What are the 2 types of orders in relationship to the mount out?
Warning order
Op or execution order
What does ACL stand for?
Allowable Cabin/Cargo load. This is how much the plane can hold.
What does TALCE stand for?
Tactical Airlift Control Element (this is normally the Air Force)
What does AACG stand for?
Arrival Airfield Control Group (Seabees arrive at the arrival airfield)
What does DACG stand for?
Departure Airfield Control Group (Seabees at the departure airfield)
What is the J.I.?
Joint Inspection. This is conducted by the Seabees and the Air Force.
What is the acronym for the 5-paragraph order?
S - situation
M - mission
E - execution
A - administration and logistics
C - Command and Control
What are the 3 echelons?
Air Det
Air Echelon
Sea Echelon
What is area survey?
Detailed time consuming survey
MOPP level 0
No threat.
Carry on person
MOPP level 1
Enemy possesses CBR waeapons and delivery system. Threat is minimal.
MOPP level 2
Employment of CBR weapons considered probable. Wear overgarments, overboots.
MOPP level 3
CBR weapons have already been deployed in AO. Attack probable. Wear overgarment, overboots, and mask.
MOPP level 4
CBR attack is imminent. Wear everything. Wear everything.
What are some of the actions you would do before a CBR attack occurs?
Determine MOPP level
Cover food and water
place tools and equipment in plastic bags or cover with poncho.
What are some of the actions you would do during a CBR attack?
Go to MOPP Level 4
Take cover
Sound the alarm
Continue mission
What actions do you take after a CBR attack?
Treat and Decon casualties
Receive and submit initial NBC1 report (FLASH)
Detection teams determine type/extent of contamination and mark
What gets injected first, atropine or 2PAM chloride?
What is the voice alarm for a chemical or biological attack?
"Gas" or "Spray"
What is the voice alarm for nuclear fallout?
How far can the M22 alarm be placed?
150 meters upwind of positions
What are the 3 lines of Detaile Troop Decon (DTD)?
Contamination Control Line-CCL
Liquid Control Line-LCL
Vapor Control Line-VCL
What are the 8 stations of the DTD/
Individual gear decon
Boots and mask/hood decon
Overgarment removal
Boots removal
Mask removal
Mask decon
reissue point
How many lines does the Detailed Equipment Decon have?
One. the "hot" line
What are the 5 stations of the DED?
Primary wash
DS2 application
Contact time/interior decon
What is atropine/2PAM chloride auto injectors used for
To counteract the effects fo the nerve agents only
What does atropine/2PAM chloride auto injectors look like?
Size and shape of an ink pen
What are some of the symptoms of nerve agents
Runny nose
Tightness of the chest
Difficulty in breathing
Nausea, cramps, headaches
What are the characteristics of an air burst?
Fireball does not contact earth. All material in fireball vaporized.
What are the characteristics of a surface burst?
Fireball touches earth. surface material vaporized and lifted into air. Produces large amounts of fallout.
What are the characteristics of an underwater burst?
Practically all thermal radiation is absorbed. Large serge.
Heavy volumes of controlled fires. Provide final protective fire. Cover avenues of approach. Provide grazing fire.
M2 .50 CAL
Provides protection for motorized movement. Destroys lightly armored vehicles. Defends against lowe-flying hostile aircraft.
MK-19 40MM Grenade Launcher
Used to provide direct and indirect firing.
Used against armoured personnel carriers. Can be used to disable a tank.
Rates of Fire
Rapid 1500-200 rounds per minute
Sustained 12-15 rounds per minute
Cyclic- 700-800 rounds per minute
Grazing Fire
Not less than 1M above and no higher than 68 inches above the ground. can exist for 700M over level or evenly sloping ground.
Plunging Fire
Fire that strikes the ground from above at a considerable level. Beaten zone is considered the danger space.
Overhead Fire
Fire delivered over the heads of troops. Usually plunging fire overhead.
Minimum operating strip
What are the 5 responsibilities for RRR?
Establish command center
Establish damage assessment team
Establish communications
Survey area
Make repairs
How many personnel in the Battalion are required to be trained for RRR?
46 Level 1, E-6 and below
20 Level 2, E-5 and above
6 create mobile, E-6 and below
What is UXO?
Unexploded ordinance
What is the difference between a squall and a crater?
Squall - less than 5 feet and did not penetrate the runway
Crater - greater than 5 feet and penetrated the runway
Material Liason Officer
What is the MLO responsible for?
Procuring, receiving, stowing, issuing, shipping, transferring, and accounting for all construction project material.
What is a CASS sheet?
Construction Activity Summary Sheet
What is condition 1 for a weapon?
Safety on, bolt forward, round in chamber, magazine inserted, dust cover closed
What is a condition 2 weapon?
Does not apply
What is a condition 3 weapon?
Safety on, bolt forward, no round in the chamber, magazine inserted, dust cover closed
What is a condition 4 weapon?
Safety on, bolt forward, no round in chamber, no magazine inserted, dust cover closed
What is the trouble call desk responsibility?
Attendant receives all customer trouble calls, enters this info into the trouble desk log and fills out emergency/service authorization forms
What 3 types of inspections are performed by camp maintenance?
Controlled inspections
Operator Inspections
annual inspectuals
Controlled inspections
Reviews all camp facilites to determine the maintenance required during deployment to preserve or improve the condition of the camp structures and property
Annual inspections
Produced annually, validating deficiencies and costs to justify money to support the proper maintenance and repair of camp facilities
Operator inspections
day to day inspection of operators equipment
Management of civil engineering support equipment
Equipment management (red book)
Management of weight handling equipment
Military drivers license which lists the vehicles you are authorized to drive. Can be for 1 1/4 ton pick-up truck to a 20-ton tractor. Good for 3 years, expires on members date of birth.
Heavy construction equipment license. Good for 2 years.
Describe the term deadline
CESE is deemed deadline because of mechanical failure. Parts required are not available for over 3 working days. Parts are ordered NORS (Not Operational Ready Supply)
Live storage
Equipment is placed in live storage when there is no foreseeable need for the equipment for a periods of 2 preventive maintenance (PM) Cycles or 80 working days.
Battalion Equipment Evaluation Program
Weight Handling Equipment
Petroliums, oils, and lubricants
Minimum Operating Strip
The Company Commander is responsible for?
The training, discipline, control, and tactical deployment of the platoon
The Right Guide is responsible for?
The timely supply and re-supply of the platoon in combat
The Squad Leader is responsible for?
Carrying out the orders of the platoon commander
The fire team leader is responsible for?
Control of his/her fire team in a combat situation
What is the mission of the Naval Mobile Construction Battalion?
For construction and military support operations to build ABFCs
What is the mission of the Construction Battalion Unit (CBU)?
To support fleet hospital support operations
What is the mission of the amphibious construction battalion (PHIBCB)
To provide military and amphibious construction support to U.S. Forces
What is the SLRP?
Survey Liason Reconassence Party
What are the dimensions of a 463L Pallet?
What are the usable dimensions of a 463L Pallet?
What is the maximum height of a 463L pallet?
96 inches
How many rings are on a 463L Pallet?
22, 6 on the long sides and 5 on the short sides
What is the maximum weight of a 463L Pallet?
10,000 LBS
What is the usable weight not to exceed on a 463L Pallet?
How many nets are on a 463L pallet?
2 green for the sides, 1 yellow for the top
What does EPW stand for?
Enemy Prisoner of War
What are the 6 Ss and T in dealing with Enemy Prisoner of War?
What are the 4 elements of a convoy?
Trail Officer
Maintenance Officer
Convoy Commander
What does Chrimp stand for?
Consolidated Hazardous Material Reutilization and Inventory Management Program
What does HICS stand for?
Hazardous Material Inventory Control System
What is the rule for figuring out the numbers of HM/IDC for manday capabilities?
1 HM up to 100 people
1 IDC up to 150 people
What is the availability factor in peacetime operations?
How many personnel in a waterwell team?
How many personnel in a security team?
What does SLRP stand for?
What is the OPP?
Offload Prep Party
What are the 4 battalions in Gulfport?
133, 74, 7, 1
Where can you find the ABFC sheets?
In the P347
What rates make up camp maintenance?
What is the rule of thumb for calculating how many CMs you need?
1 for every 6 pieces of CESE
What is the availability factor for contingency ops?
What are the 8 supply outlets that fall under S4?
APR, CSR, CTR, MLO, Post office, Barber, Disbursing, Galley
How many 240Bs are in an Air Det?
How many personnel are on Crew Served Weapons?
4: Fire Team Leader, Gunner, 2 Ammo bearers
What is EMBARK?
The movement of people and equipment?
What are the 8 cycles of fire?
What is the difference between a SALUTE and SPOT report
A spot report is more in-depth than than a SALUTE report
What is the difference between a serial commander and a unit commander?
Size of the convoy
Name the key personnel on a convoy
Convoy Commander
Serial Commander
Unit Commander
Advance Officer
Trail Officer
Maintenance Officer
MACO-Movement Activity Control Officer
Convoy Commander
Enforces and supervises movement
Serial Commander
In charge of 20 vehicles or less
Unit Commander
In charge of 10 vehicles or less
Advance Officer
Preceeds the columns and recons the route
Trail Officer
Enforces convoy discipline and prevents interference
Maintenance Officer
Rides in back of the convoy. Responsible for all CESE
MACO- Movement Activity Control Officer
Responsible for manifest and personnel accountability
What determines the speed of a convoy?
30mph on open road. Speed of slowest vehicle. 100 yard intervals
What is on the Convoy commander's check list?
Current Intel
Route selection
Vehicle positions
Column length
Slowest vehicle
What does SALUTE stand for?
S-size of the enemy
A-activity of the enemy
L-location of enemy
U-uniform of enemy
T-time of each activity noted
E-equipment used by enemy
What is a SPOT report?
A detailed salute report
What is the difference between cover and concealment?
cover is protection against enemy fire
concealment is protection from observation-trees, bushes, etc...
What are the battalions that fall under the 30th SRG?
3, 4, 5, 40
What are the battalions that fall under the 20th SRG?
1, 7, 74, 133
What size round does the M16 take?
Name the types of grenades
What is on a MEDEVAC 9 line?
1. Location (6-digit coordinate)
2. Freq, call sign, suffix
3. Number of casualties
4. Special equip needs
5. Number of patients
6. Security at pick up
7. Marking at pick up
8. Patients' nationalities
9. NBC contamination
Who is posted at intersections during a convoy?
What is the spacing for detector units (M43A1)chemical alarm?
How many categories of HAZMAT are there?
How do you use grid coordinates when ready a map
Read right and then up
What are the parts to a fire command?
What does KOCOA stand for?
K-key terrain features
O-observation/fields of fire
C-cover and concealment
A-avenues of approach
What are the 3 defensive positions?
CBR signs, red-yellow + stripe
gas mines
CBR signs, yellow-red letters
CBR signs, blue-red letters
CBR signs, white-black letters
What are the MOPP levels?
1. Trousers/Smock
2. Boots
3. Mask
4. Gloves and Hood
What is in the NAAK?
Atropine and 2 Pam chloride
What are the message priorities?
Flash - ASAP
Immediate - 30 min to 1 hour
Priority - 1 to 3 hours
Routine - 3 to 6 hours
What are the decontamination stations?
1. gross removal
2. overboots
3. overgarment removal
4. overboots and gloves
5. monitoring
6. mask removal
7. mask decontamination
8. reissue point
What is the M291 kit?
Personal decon
power kit
What is an AN/PDR 27?
Radiacmeter for gamma and beta
What are the 3 types of personnel/equipment decon?
1. Individual
2. Hasty
3. Complete
What is the most reliable source of Comms
1. Messenger
2. Wire
3. Radio
What are the 3 types of matting used by RRR?
1. Bolted
2. Folded fiberglass
3. AM2 Matting
What are the rules concerning distances and latrines?
100 yards from a natural water source.
50 feet from berthing
What are the rules concerning distances and garbage pits?
30 yards from galley
100 yards from water supply
Size is 4x4 100 people a day
What is a shift on the water well team called?
What is the official name of the chemical agent automatic alarm
What is the most M42 alarm units that can be used with the M22 detector?
What is the M256A1?
Chemical Agent
Detector Kit
Consists of case,
12 sampler detectors, M8 paper
What is M8 paper?
Chemically treated dye impregnated paper. Detects onjly liquid form nerve and blister agents.
What is M9 paper?
Tape that detects the presence of liquid chemical agents. Nerve and Blister
What is the AN/PDR 27?
Provides radioactivity detection in the lower ranges
What is the AN/PDR 43?
Provides detection of radioactivity in the higher ranges.
What is the JSLIST?
Joint Service Lightweight Integrated Suit Four service effort to have common Chemical protective ensemble
What is the M/40?
Protective Mask - protects against CB agents, radioactive fallout. Has silicone face piece, drink tube, two peice lens system
What are the characteristics of the CPO suit?
Olive drab, expendable, two-piece overgarment. Protects for 6 hours. Max wear time is 30 days in uncontaminated environment.
What is the M13?
Portable Decontamination Apparatus used to decontaminate vehicles and crew served weapons. 5 gallon can filled with DS2
What is the M11?
Decontaminates small areas that personnel must touch. Filled with 1 1/3 DS2 covers 135 sq feet
What is the M291?
personnal decon kit used for skin
What is the M295?
A mitten sized decon kit for equipment wipe down
What is the M17 LDS?
Lightweight portable decon station. Has pump, heater unit, 1500 gallon rubberized tank, personnel shower unit
What is DS2?
Decontamination solution-effective against all known chemical and biological agents. Extremely corrosive.
What is HTH?
Calcium Hypochlorite-Decontaminant used when DS2 is not available. Ignites on contact with mustard agent or DS2.
What is STB?
Super Tropical Bleach-ignites on contact with mustard agent DS2
What is immediate decon?
Immediate wipe down of skin, personnel and individual equipment. Use M258A1 or M291
What is operational decon?
Offers temporary relief from MOPP level 4. Allows force to fight longer while contaminated
What is thorough decon?
Used to reduce or eliminate the need for individual protective clothing. Troop Decon and Detailed Equip Decon
What does BAMCIS stand for?
B - begin planning
A - arrange Reconnaissance
M - make RECON
C - complete plan
I - issue order
S - supervise
What does MET-T stand for?
M - mission
E - enemy
T - troops and terrain
T - time and weather
What does OODA loop mean?
O - observe
O - orient
D - decide
A - act
You must do this faster than your enemy
How do you clear a manpack?
Hit Flash-Z
What do you put in dead space?
Wire and G (203B)
What is the MCU/2P?
Protective mask
Silicone face piece
drink tube
How long is a CPO suit good for?
6 hours in a contaminated environment.
30 days in an uncontaminated environment.
What is the M249 kit?
Marking kit. Contains:
Flags for BIO, CHEM, ATOM, marking tape, marking stakes and china marker
At a minimum, what do you write on the M249 flags?
DTG of survey
Type of agent detected (Chem)
Radiation dose
rate (nuclear)
What is a point survey?
Specific point or points.
What is a route survey?
Specific route