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What is the simplest and least expensive of external drive arrays?

What RAID level is a stripe set with distributed parity? This RAID level is implemented in Windows Server 2012.

d. RAID 5
Windows Server 2012 includes a new disk virtualization technology called ______, which enables a server to concatenate storage space from individual physical disks.

c. Storage Spaces
What is the new file system available in Windows Server 2012?

d. ReFS
What was the partition style(s) prior Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista?

b. Master Boot Record (MBR) only
After you create a new VHD, it appears as a _________ in the Disk Management snap-in and in Server Manager.

a. uninitialized disk
After you install your physical disks, you can concatenate their space together, from which you can create virtual disks of any size. This total space is called a ________.

a. Storage pool
What is the minimum number of physical disks required to create a RAID 5 volume?

b. 3
What is the difference between striped and spanned volumes?

d. With striped volumes, the system writes data one strip at a time per disk in the volume.
Regarding both striped and spanned volumes, what is the maximum number of physical disks permitted to create a volume?

c. 32
To extend or shrink a volume, of which built-in groups must you be a member?

d. Backup Operators or Administrators
What disk types can be extended?

b. Virtual disks only
What is the preferred graphical tool in Windows Server 2012 with which you can manage storage pools and create virtual disks?

b. Server Manager
What is the current trend in server deployment?

d. virtualized servers
What external storage functions as a file server?

b. NAS
What fault tolerant storage solution is relatively simple, but expensive compared to RAID?

a. disk mirroring
Using an application server as an example, order the list of considerations for estimating storage requirements?

b. allocate the amount of space needed for the application files themselves
Which of the following steps are needed to install Server 2012 on a Virtual Machine?

a. Format the partitions or volumes. Correct
b. Select a partitioning style: the master boot record (MBR) partition style and the GUID (globally unique identifier) partition table (GPT) Correct
c. Select a disk type Correct
What steps are needed to create a Virtual Disk on an existing Storage Pool?

a. Log on with administrative privileges and open Server Manager Correct
b. Click Files and Storage Services > Storage Pools. From the Virtual Disks tile, select New Virtual Disk from the Tasks menu. Correct
c. From their respective pages, select the pool in which you want to create a virtual disk and type a name for the virtual disk. Correct
d. From the Select the Storage Layout page, choose either Simple, Mirror and Parity. Correct
e. From the Specify the Provisioning Type, choose either Thin and Fixed. Correct
f. Specify the virtual disk size, then click Create to confirm. Correct
What physical disk technology runs at 133 MB/sec, now considering obsolete.

d. ATA
What physical disk technology runs at 600 MB/sec. However, it is no longer suitable for large enterprise servers.

What physical disk technology is still considered the traditional storage interface for enterprise servers. It offers transmission rates up to 640 MB/sec.

What physical disk technology offers the fastest transmission speeds?