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Back office software system ussd at store level for managing cash & inventory. EOD is a task completed in 6e.


Feedback information used when assessifor a position as a shift supervisor, assistant or manager assessment.

Absentee/Tardiness Policy

Policy regarding how employees attendance is managed at stores.

Action Board

The windows based menu used to access daily store PC functions.

Action Mail

Email system used in stores to send written communications through the computer


Storage area for dry foods and other supplies where a temperature controlled area is not required


Accounts payable


Accounts receivable


The scheduled arrival of inbound merchandise


Advanced shipment notice a list of containers and their components or a set of Po / item / destinations

Assembly line

Procedure for efficient MTO assembly, two or more on the MTO line making food


Forced shipment by office to Store


Business activity monitoring. System to monitoring specific KPI's / events and create actions


Extras on MTO


A professional maker of expresso coffee beverages

Bars program

Company cigarettes and alcohol shop to ensure stores are checking ID


Bag in box

BGI International

A software company providing TMS - 2000, and inbound freight management program


The process of picking up product orders from vendor warehouses on return store delivery trips

Back in stock listing

Listing of items previously mark out of stock that are now back in

Best places to work

Pennsylvania Ohio Virginia North Carolina has been named the best places to work in four states this honor is based on ratings that include employee surveys

Big 6

A food and beverage initiative that adds new product lines that include: self self-service self serve ice cream and frozen yogurt premium self-serve coffee, new RTE products, a day - part RTE menu and additional beverage choices

Bill back

Hey Bill directed from Sheetz back to the manufacturer


Bill of lading - a listing of items delivered on a truck


Bill of material - a listing of components needed to build a shipper, display, etc


Back office personal computer - the computer located in the stores back office


Bonus points- a bonus plan that rewards the success of individual stores. All store employees, regardless of position are eligible. The bonus is based on Store financial performance as well as customer service.


Cash pickup company


The software company providing an integrated application suite for b2b connectivity


A manufacturer's representative


Movable partition in a truck, that separates freezer, cooler and ambient areas

Build - to

A predetermined quantity level for product ordering or preparing


Person responsible for the purchase of product found within the warehouse, negotiate the price, terms, shipping, and quantity, in conjunction with anticipated store orders


computer based training or computer based learning


Corporate data center - located across the railroad tracks from the corporate office. Houses various Sheetz servers and offices


Subsidary hauling company of Sheetz CLI - convenient leasing incorporated CLI is the subsidiary of sheets, Inc. That delivers fuel to all the stores in the company. The big, red, shiny trucks!

Coding data

System used for suggested purchase by or use my of a product. In store coding charts, Sheetz code charts, used by date. See Julian calendar.


A data model tool, similar to pilot, provided by AFS with the velocity application.

Coffee bar

Hot beverage area


A receptacle, such as a pallet, carton, hope, split, roll cage, Exedra, used to hold continents, in store called "blue totes".

Core products

A non food items, for example, automotive products

Cost accounting

Accounting system is used at store level


Enables customers to pay for gas outside using a credit card

Cross docking

Taking product that has been received in the warehouse and immediately turning it around for shipment to the stores without first being slided within the warehouse


Customer service representative, calling help desk


Certified training manager


Centralized vendor management inventory


Physical dimensions of a product. Cubing a product determines storage space and shipping requirements

Customer service shops

Sheetz stores are shocked by unknown shoppers who provide documentation on their shopping experience, including food and beverage availability and accuracy, Store parents and cleanliness, and employee interaction with customers. The shopper will be scheduled can shop all three shifts, at all times of the day or night. Scores on the customer service shops influence store level bonuses.


Daily Business Review report that is generated daily and 60 which pulls all sales information, post transactions, fuel cells, grocery sales, Etc... That took place within a store each day


Distribution Center - the warehouse where products purchased from vendors is stored before it shipped to the individual stores


Computer software used to complete hiring and process applicants and paperless applicants


Comprised of the stores under the direction of a specific district manager


District manager - the manager responsible for a group of stores in a geographic area. Typically a DM has 10 - 16 stores in their district. Store managers report directly to DM


Digital media area

DNA Markers

The seven characteristics is our company employees and brand. They include: respect, connected, real, driven to win, pioneering, high energy and dependable.


When a customer pumps gas and does not pay for the gas he is pumped into his vehicle


Direct store delivery - vendors to deliver product directly to a store, include food such as frito-lay and Pepsi.


Down to the street - when it hits the market

Each Pick

I am placed in a tote for shipping


Electronic food stamps


Executive committee members - a committee that is made up of the company president and vice presidents from each department that decides on the future of Sheetz


Electronic Data Interchange - the transfer of data between different companies using networks, such as the Internet. EDI in reference to the AFS system represents the completed electronic invoice that confirms what product the store received



EE hotline

Toll free number for employees to call in the event that they need to talk to someone in employee relations about a potential problem or issue in their store


Electronic Fund Transfer


Electronic invoice


Emergency gas button stops all pumped from dispensing gas


Employee identification number assigned to each employee by Sheetz

Employee bonus

A bonus plan that rewards the success of individual stores. All store employees, regardless of position are eligible. The bonus is based on the Store financial performance as well as customer service.

Employee discounts

While on the clock, store employees receive a 50% discount on their meals. Additionally, employees get free coffee and fountain beverages while on the clock

Employee handbook

And online document that includes all the work rules, policies and procedures for Store level employees


Accounting software package


End of day - the daily process that is performed at the end of each business day that includes balance in cash, making a bank deposit and completing workflows on the storage back office computer


Electronic purchase order - an electronic version of a purchase order


Employee stock ownership plan - a plan that provides employees with shares of stock in the company. Employees do not contribute to the purchase of the stock, and it is awarded based on tenure and other basic requirements


Injured last chance for accuracy by bagging the customers order as well as condiments, and utensils and napkins if applicable

EZ Planner

The system used to deliver task assignments to store level management team members


Fajitas available from the MTO menu

Family matters

The sheet employee newsletter / magazine that is sent to every employees home address


Coin delivery vendor


Frozen concentrated beverage


Full case


Airpot coffee pots


First in, first out regards to rotation of stock


Accounting software package

Fire King

Type of safe used in stores

Fiscal year

The business year for accounting and recordkeeping at Sheetz. The fiscal year at Sheetz begins October 1st and ends September 30th of the following year.

Fizz City

Fountain area with soda and frozen drinks at stores

Floor stock protection

Product guaranteed by manufacturer


Freight on board

Food service

Refers to foodservice products prepared at store level

For The Kidz

The Sheetz family charities where employees raise money to provide Christmas gifts to children in need in each town that we operate in. We partner with the Salvation Army for administration of this charity. Each district in the company sponsors a party for the children, complete with refreshments and a visit from Santa.

Fortune top 100 places to work

In 2014, Sheetz was named the number 87 best place to work in Fortune magazine


Website where all store employees can communicate via BOPC with other stores in the company

Forward pick location

Section of warehouse where inventory items are pulled for Store orders. The reserve storage.

Front and face

Shelf facing


Sheetz french fry program


Frozen uncarbonated beverage


For your information

Gamma cards

Prize cards that are given to store level employees and management as prizes for participation and their safety program.


Gross profit - dollar amount left from sales over cost of goods sold.


Grab and go breakfast program - breakfast sandwiches are pre made and sold at busy morning hours from a warmer cart.


Acronym for: great, uniform, energetic, smile, thank you. These are the components of how our sales people are trained to interact with each customer that they wait on at the sales counter.


Hazard analysis critical control point


A handheld barcode scanner speed the processing of product and reduces errors within the distribution center and at store level. Used to receive product in from a vendor, produce the labels, and perform a count.


Software program used for call tracking

Help desk

The help desk is made up of the customer service representatives who take me Store calls and log and transfer the caller to the appropriate department.


Human resources department


Acronym for I seek you. An internet message format used within the corporate office for quick notification among users.


A printing company works closely with Sheetz


Inventory management


The products and merchandise in a Sheetz store. Inventory also refers to the process of women outside to conduct a physical count on all the products and merchandise in a store for accounting purposes

Ins & outs

Items in a store for a limited time


Information systems - department responsible for completing information and reports from Store for use in all departments

ISO 9000

Standards of manufacturing, processing

Julian date

A code date system based on the Julian calendar

Kit /kitting

To take a product plus other components and combined these to make a shipper


Kitchen monitor


Timekeeper - the electronic payroll system used in stores that tracks employee hours and schedules.

Learning DP

Corporate Department that is made up of instructional designers and delivery team that creates training modules, right and facilitates classrooms for store employees.


Local domain access password - holds user ID and password


Confidential employee counseling Flash support service. Life work isn't independently operated program your service is contracted by Sheetz.


Last in, first out


Lost investigation team - person hired for security purposes in Store having inventory shortages. This person catches and prosecute shoplifters and fees for Store.


Loss investigation team supervisor, l1ta - loss investigation team agent


Limited service restaurant


Limited time offer


Magazine - a category that is managed by product line manager. Refers to the magazine carried in the stores.

Marketing server

A data model that aggregates all store transactions and supplies data to other systems custom reports, pilot, pay from scan, etc.


Listing that details codes, packs, weights, etc.


Material handling system - carousel, conveyor belt systems,


The mission is the goal for each store in department in the company. The mission is to provide customers with fast, friendly service, quality products in clean and convenient locations.

Mobile cast

A client / server - based wireless dispatch and delivery tool. The solution bundle dispatch software, GPS tracking and delivery management into hand held on board computers communicating over to a wireless data networks.


Store employees use this acronym to stand for Manager on Duty


Multiple pump dispenser - gasoline dispenser at stores that dispense the gasoline from tank to customers cars


Market Statistical Area


My Sheetz card


Material safety data sheet


My sheet life


Ready-to-eat products - the MTG! Product line includes sandwiches, wraps, parfaits and other items that are made fresh at the Sheetz Brother kitchen and delivered to your store.


Made to order - the name of our proprietary line of menu items. Sub and sandwich program that was developed and trademark by Sheetz. Mto is one of the top five categories that produce the most gross profit dollars for the company


An application that runs at store level that provides food service sales information.

MTO Olympics

An annual contest where the benefit fast and accurate food prepared from each region of the company and complete at the product show. This event is very competitive and the winning teams are awarded very nice prizes.

MTO pass/fail

A measure of our food and beverage business that includes the calculation of how quickly we deliver an order to a customer and the total number of orders within a time frame


Afford a leadership development course for newly promoted Tasos

My Sheetz card

The loyalty card program used by Sheetz customers

My Sheetz Life

The employee website. This website contains benefit information as well as information about all this employee programs that are available. This is also where employees access their paycheck information, as Sheetz has gone paperless for paychecks.


National Association of convenience stores - national organization made up of convenience store companies in the United States


Number lookup: number used to identify products in a store. The nlu number assigned to the product is wrong at the register instead of the price.


Onboard computer - the generic name for the computer system within a delivery truck.


Onboard computer - the generic name for the computer system within a delivery truck.


Operation efficiencies department - the apartment within Sheetz Corporation which is tasked with improving all processes

Open coding

System of coding, usually date driven.


Operations department responsible for Store level operations

Order point

A computer touchscreen that allows customers to enter food orders

Pack size

Size of the product as well as Master case pack


Pay at the pump

Park City

Same as action board

Panic button

Security button to be pushed in a time of emergency - notify the police and corporate that there is an emergency such as a burglary at the store, worn around next to.


Personal computer - computer used in stores to process daily information and send it to the corporate office


Purchasing Card. A credit card that may be assigned to a specific person or Store at Sheetz


Project decision team - teams made up of mostly SMT members to make strategic decisions about how we implement our corporate vision.


The computer software that is used by most departments of the office to process and communicate personnel, payroll, assessment and training information

Physical inventory

The amount of product that is actually physically in a store.


The marketing department reporting tool that provides sales reports based on SKU number


Personal identification number - confidential number given to each customer that has a Sheetz fleet fueling card or a debit card


Purchase order - a listing of items and quantities authorized to receive from a specific vendor


Point of sale - the sheets cash registers and all our stores. Department responsible for municating information from Store level too IS.


Point-of-sale quarter to date that figures on the financial statements made up of three months of information.


To pay for fuel inside before pumping

Product show

A store manager event typically held in March in Hershey Pennsylvania. Managers are able to order products for their stores and take advantage of discount. Additionally, this event is where a corporate update is presented in new products and innovations are unveiled for store managers as a first look.

Proposed market date

Date to be introduced to market for sale


Quality assurance - the development of policies, procedures, and programs to insurance the quality of products.

Q/A Shops

An inspection of a Sheetz store including a critical look at cleanliness, in stock, and compliance with the corporate program. Store receive a score based on each shop, in-store bonuses are tied to performance on the shop.


Quality control - the day today adherence to the QA policies and programs.


Provides 6e, forecasted ordering, POS, and OP


Responsible alcohol management program that is a mandated course for all employees to attend that work in a store in Pennsylvania that sells alcohol. This course is provided by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board


Retail display I want - monies paid to Sheetz for display placement and Store by vendors


ReTech distribution management - reTECHs WMS application

Retalix ordering

The automated, replenishment ordering system used for ordering products from the DC.


Cincinnati Ohio - RDM is their warehouse management system application


Comprised of multiple districts and district managers who report to 1 regional manager


Making sure product is slotted in the warehouse

Reserve storage

The area of the warehouse and which current product is kept for replenishment for the forward pick location


Radio Frequency transmission allows handheld scanners to interact with the system from anywhere in the warehouse


Regional Manager / regional director - a director level position that responsible for the operation of school districts. DM's report directly to RM


Traffic management software automates the plan of delivery routes and loads. Software analyzes all inbound and outbound orders, and they recommend a route plan and a load plan that best meets distribution center needs at the lowest total cost


Return to sender - product which is considered unmarketable and will be returned to the vendor for proper credit. Called returns in Store.

Safety alliance

The program that operated by the sheets risk management department that rewards points, prizes and gamma cards to Store and individuals meet and exceed corporate safety policies, or react to safety situations in a responsible manner.

Safety pendant

Necklace with pendant to be worn by those who feel they are in a compromising position - taking out trash, working alone, Etc. The pendant can be pushed to be notified police and corporate of endangering situation.


The job title of an hourly employees at the store


Sheetz Brother kitchen, our commissary. Located adjacent to the DC in Claysburg PA as a part of the Burlington North Carolina facility, Sbk food production facility that prepares and delivery bakery, RTE foods, and breads used in our kitchens are stores. Currently, every store receives a daily delivery from SDK.


Sheetz brothers coffee's - the name of our proprietary line of hot, Iced frozen beverages and specialty coffee.


Different sizes or colors of ice cream scoops are used for proportioning of ingredients


Sheetz distribution services

Service award

All company employees are invited to celebrate 5 year benchmark anniversaries with a special celebration at Seven Springs Resort


Mandatory class for store managers that explains the correct sanitation procedures that need to be followed in stores


Free proportioned meet amounts for MTO subs

Seven springs

Mountain Ski Resort used by Sheetz for a yearly management conference


Sheetz family Christmas - Sheetz function that has become an annual event in some districts. Sheetz family Christmas is a fundraising event that benefits children from non income families. Sheetz employees volunteer take children shopping for Christmas presents using money raised by employees.

Sheetz family charities

The group of charities that Sheetz raises funds for at the corporate level. They include for the kids, Special Olympics and the Make A Wish Foundation

Sheetz University

A four-day leadership development course for newly promoted assistant managers

Sheetz public website

Sheetz. Net

Sheetz internal website for communicating with Store

Shelf life

Life of product


A product plus other components for premiums combined and sold as one unit


A breakfast sandwich made of a biscuit egg cheese and choice of three different meat toppings


A breakfast sandwich made of an English muffin, egg, cheese and choice of three different meat toppings.

Show the love kit

A tool kit that each store has. It contains coupons, special signage and wow pens that are used for employee recognition


The sheets term for wellness. Sheetz contract for the operation of ACE Wellness Center in Claysburg Pennsylvania in Burlington North Carolina that provides exercise equipment, fitness classes and walk-in health care for Sheetz employees


Stock keeping unit

Slotting fee

Be imposed on manufacturer for product being slotted in warehouse


Warehouse management program solely for cigarettes and smokeless tobacco. The tax stamping process is automated an integrated as well


Standard Operating procedure


Store purchase analysis report - report generated monthly of all store categories and the gross profit each category generates.

Spill kit

Used to clean kerosene, gasoline or diesel spills at pump

Split checkout

You must cross the sales floor to reach the back office from any POS station

Split payment

When a customer uses more than one method of payment, such as a Z card and cash, etc


Who Mike utensil used for proportion measuring of ingredients for made to order food products. Free bag foods, proportioning for heating plastic


Shift supervisor shift supervisors are the entry-level store management team position SPVs are responsible for operation of the store in the absence of the store manager or assistant manager. Stores may have 3 to 5 SPV

Store alert

Weekly information tool comprising of updates or promotions that the corporate office is running. Or any department information updates are also communicated in the store alerts.

Store bonus

Bonus points or employee bonus - a bonus plan that rewards the success of individual stores. All store employees, regardless of position are eligible. The bonus is based on the Store financial performance as well as customer service.

Store manager

Manager responsible for the daily operation of a store

Store solutions

The call center located at the sheets DC in Claysburg Pennsylvania that handles all calls from Store as well as customers. Storage solutions is staffed 24/7

Sproul warehouse

Sheetz maintenance warehouse located down the road from the DC

Support staff

Office employee classification which includes office personnel such as secretary Executive Assistant General and retail accounting clerk store development and maintenance personnel support staff members are the members of the corporate office that support store operations.

Talent workz

Computerized learning management system that is an attribute driven to ensure the right person gets the right training at the right time. The LMS houses store level online learning


Store Manager candidate


Total cost - the extended dollar amount that is charged by a vendor for product received


Total customer focus - providing customers with great customer service by focusing on what the customer needs

Test product

Product not yet rolled out company-wide


Alcohol beverage training class for anyone who will be selling alcohol


Signage unit affixed to the top of an MPD


Total quality management - reinforcement of quality products having a total quality management team


Significant focal point - winston-salem Greensboro High Point in North Carolina


User-defined attribute or UDF user defined field - an empty field used to track information unique to an organization


Unit of measure


Universal Product Code - bar coding system used to identify and track product and product movement


A supplier of inbound goods

Vendor cloud

The communications structure between sheep, the distribution center, the stores, and vendors.


Corporate vision is to create the business that will put Sheetz as we know it today out of business.


Vertical lift unit: elevator type equipment used in the warehouse to move product from one level to the next


Voice of consumer


The process of releasing a grouping of orders from the picking are of the warehouse


Wright Express - company that processes all credit card transactions and billing for all credit cards accepted by Sheetz


Whip code work in progress - instructions for the assembly process of those items that are included in a shipper. Any extras that might need to be completed before a product can leave the distribution center.


A Pacific series of tasks that are completed on a Store back office PC. Example lottery workflow, fuel workflow

Wow pins

A pen that is given to an employee to wear on their uniform in recognition of doing something above and beyond the call of their job.


Lavish wrap sandwich available in many varieties


Warehouse management system - a method or application which tracks and controls the movement of inventory through the warehouse, from receiving to shipping. The WMS allows visibility to the quality and location of inventory, as well as the age of the inventory, & a accurate picture of available product.

Year end

An annual event that is held to celebrate the business success of the company from the prior year. Store awards are presented at this event. Year end is traditionally held at a resort location in store managers and corporate managers are invited to attend.


Year to date - year to date figures on the financial statement that are made up of four quarters at the year end


Zero based retail and accounting mythology in which the retail value is removed from food

Z card

Sheetz gift card available in different denominations


Specific measurable achievable relevant timely