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Who is the author of this book?
Ian Serraillier
I. S.
How did the father end up in the prison camp?
Nazi storm troops came for him in the middle of the night because he was reported to them for turing around a picture of hitler to the wall
What happened when the father first went to the camp?
He got sick
Why was it no use to cut the wire fence to escape from the prison?
Becasue there was a trip-wire inside the double fence, if you crossed it you would be shot.
What was the main problem for the father with his carefully made plan?
Getting hold of a uniform.
How did the father end up in the place where he wanted to go to set his plan in action?
march day
During morning hut inspection
flicked a paper pellet at the guard.
stung him behind the ears.
another pellet stung his nose.
What time
what used
result of action
How long did it take for the father to get thrownm into the place where he wanted to go?
5 mins
What was the nick name given to the place used as solidary confinement and why?
the cooler...because it was cool in the winter.