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Physiology of Cholesterol synthesis and transport

Steampunk station

Liver Station = Import/export lipoprotein transporters

Intestine Airbase = Small intestine site of absorption of FFA and cholesterol

Gold Bars = Cholesterol

Hot air balloon = Chylomicron

Chest = Cholesterol ester for cholesterol transfer (gold inside)

Tridents in hot air balloon = Chylomicron full of triglycerides

E-shaped flag = Apolipoprotein A-E

Lipo port lighthouse = lipoprotein lipase (LPL) gets some tridents

Empty CHylomicrons enter liver at LDL receptor at apo E

HMG Crude ore reducer = HMG CoA reductase = makes cholesterol

Evaluator = Mevalonic acid is first intermediate

VLDL ship with B anchor = HAs tridents and B shaped anchor (B100)

Low density ship = lose tridents and only contain chests

LDL ship uses B anchor to dock at liver

High densitity Submarine = HDL from Liver collect bars

Load catch platform = Lecithin (LCAT) place for placing gold into chests

Chest transfer = Under LDL has chest sent to liver from Load catch


Steam punk pirates

Knock over crude ore reducer = inhibit HMG CoA reductase

Statin punk = Threatens workers to pull in LDL causing increased LDL receptor expression on hepatocytes, clearing LDLs from circulation

Sinking LDL ship = Lowers LDL levels

Punk kicking trident = Lowers truglycerides mildly

Raised submarine = Slight increased HDL levels

Gold bar plundered = Hypercholesterolemia is treated (first line)

Angel = Improves chances of survival in Cardiovascular events (MOST EFFECTIVE)

Crown = Coronary vasodilation

Broken heart strings = statin therapy helps in MI events

Pirate eating candy = Helps lower MI chance in Diabetics

Clack paint stroke = Statins help stroke patients

Chrome Tank = Metabolized by cytomcome P450 (expect pravastin)

Statin side effects

Tarantula painted = ARe teratogenic

Bite of Crispy chicken = Statins can cause elevated CK (myopathy) in weeks-months

Raised LFT flag = Mild elevations in Liver function tests

Cholesterol and Bile

Seagalls are bile

Loading cholesterol with seagalls makes them water soluble

Swept up into liver station


Cho"lobster"amine fighting statin punk

Prevents return of bile acids and cholesterol into liver

DEcK -A = inhibits fat soluble vitamin absorbtion and statins

Clamping on pipes = can causes constipation and bloating

Empty gold stores = Signal to form own cholesterol activating HMG ore reducer and upregulating LDL receptors (B anchors)

Cho"lobster" Scaring tridents onto VLDL = INcreases blood VLDL and triglycerides

Seagall standing on stone = Can lead to gallstone formation


Z-Shaped eel

Blocking gold delivery at intestinal airbase from hot air balloon = blocks intestinal absorption of cholesterol by chylomicron

Sinking Ship = Decreaed LDL levels

Oily water = Diarrhea and constipation

Raised LFT flag = increased liver function tests



Removing pesky-9-crabs which inhibit LDL workers = PCSK9 inhibitor

Increases uptake of LDL

Gemfibrozil (Fibratess)

Gem Jellyfish

Burning Newspaper - PPAR activated to upregulate LPL

Jellyfish take down Airship and LD ship = Lower VLDL and LDL

Escaping tridents = decrease serum triglycerides

Lifted Submarine = Raised HDL

elevated stain pirate eating crispy chicken = Statin + fibrates = myopathy and rhabdomyolysis

Seegalls on rocks = gallstone chance


Loch Niacin monster

Vitamin B3

Elevated submarine = Most effective at increasing HDL

Nessie attacks airships, boats, tridents escape = Lowered VLDL, LDL and triglycerides

Red furnace = Cutaneous Flushing and warmth

Proslugger bat = increases prostaglandins

Fireextinguisher = NSAID inhibits flushing

Candy = Increase glucose

Knitting = Hyperuricemia

Raised LFT flag = increases Liver function tests. Hepatotoxicity

Fish Oil

Robotic fish

Sunken Trident = Lower triglycerides