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1. Sun with positive sign = positive sense ssRNA

2. Peak - picornaviruses

3. Statue of David = naked virus

4. Feces all over = fecal oral transmission

5. Rhinovirus is respiratory

6. Coin machine = Pos sense RNA replication uses the host transcription factors, since it is the same sense as host cell, it only needs host RNA polymerase.


7. Tickets start together and break up at end. Viral RNA is transmitted into long protein product that contains viral proteases to cleave it.

8. All RNA positives replicate in cytoplasm.

9. Hep A hippos

10. Aviary = enterovirus = polio, cocksackie, echovirus

11. Aviary shaped like a head and 100% aseptic is aseptic meningitis

12. Bags of food to represent lab findings

-no sugar added=glucose normal

-no organisms=nothing found when plated. Aseptic.

-source of protein=protein is elevated

13. Space helmet = meningitis

14. Rhinovirus = common cold and not transmitted fecal orally

15. Mud on face of rhino symbolizes URI


1. Sun with orange hue and positive sign = pos sense ssRNA

2. Naked David = naked virus

3. Flamingos in a breeding pool that is yellow

4. Poco flamingos = picornavirus

5. Pool of acid = acid labile so fecal oral transmission

6. Eggs and orange rings = virus replicates in peyers patches found in submucosa in ileum

(Pico) Polio Virus

7. Peyers flamingo sign = replication occurs in peyers and takes 2-3 weeks

8. Bird with large anterior horn = infection of anterior horn of lower motor neuron cell bodies and causes paralysis.

9. Bird with one leg up puffing air = causes an asymmetric paralysis conc in lower legs, myalgias, and respiratory deficiency due to paralysis of diaphragm

10. Meningitides kid with space helmet = aseptic meningitides

11. Sulking emo kid with skull and crossbones. Salk is a killed vaccine that is injected. It bypasses GI tract and only forms IgG antibodies not IgA

12. Savin a live flamingo sign = Sabin vaccine that is live and attenuated. Makes IgA since goes through stomach mucosa.

(Pico) Polio Virus