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Public speaking classes are valuable because

All of the above

__________________ is the tendency of any nation, race, religion, or group to believe that its way of looking at and doing things is right
eth ocenttism
A generalized picture of a group that supposedly represents its essential characteristics is called a(n)
A speaker must have a ____________, which is a clear conception of what the speaker wishes to accomplish.
The reason why speakers and listeners gather in certain places at certain times for certain purposes is referred to as the
Distractions that disrupt the flow of a message are called
Speaking from responsible knowledge includes all of the following EXCEPT
being aware of how much the audience knows about your topic
The best way to avoid plagiarism is
always provide oral cittion when you use material from another source
If you are afraid that the audience will ridicule your mistakes, you should
remember your classmaes want you to succeed
Cognitive restructuring means that you
conscously change negative
A speech to inform would
share knowledge
Above all, a topic should be important to
your personally
In testing the specific purpose, you should ask yourself, "Can I give this speech__________?"
in the allottled time
In testing the specific purpose, you should ask yourself, "Does it promise__________"
new informarion or freash advise
The specific purpose of a speech states precisely
what you want linstener to understand believe feel or do
The thesis statement summarizes, in a single sentence
the message of your speech
The triviality trap means that a topic
does not give important information insights or advice
Which of the following is NOT a guideline for choosing a good speech topic
a good topic must be one the audience knows about
Which of these is a trivial topic
how to twirl baton
Which of these should be done in a speech to persuade
these would all be done in a persuasive speech
Responsible knowledge includes having information on each of these, EXCEPT
what your friends think about the topic
What information is given in the online catalog?
books and magazines available in the library
A "sponsored link"
has paid to be listed first on a search engine
Using personal stories or examples in a speech suggests that you have
unique insights on the topic.
Which of these is a general search engine?
hen evaluating Internet research materials, the criteria of authority means that you are evaluating
the credentials of the author and sponsor of the website.
Why should you be careful about using material from personal web pages?
There are no controls over what is posted.
Which of these is NOT one of the four R's for evaluating research materials?
The purpose of an advocacy website is to
influence attitudes or behaviors
The purpose of an information website is to
share knowledge
Classroom speech rarely develop more than _________ main points
The _________ should be the longest part of the speech
Which part of the spech should be planned first
Which organizational design uses natural or customary divisions to designate main points
The type of design that develops topics within a physical setting is _______________ design
Which organizational design gives the steps in a process
A tentative plan for organizing your speech is called a
working outline
After, the topic, what is the next thing on the working outline
specific purpose
The principle of _________ suggests that all statements at a given level of your outline should be of similar importance
The principle of ________ requires that supporting ideas and materials descend in importance from the general to the specific
A verbal or non-verbal cue that lets your audience know you are finished making one point and are moving on to the next is called a
Which of these is NOT a purpose of a speech introduction?
to give the title of the speech
Which of these is NOT a suggestion for beginning a speech?
saying "My speech is about..."
Which of these is a way to establish credibility as a speaker?
demonstrating that you know what you are talking about
A preview of a speech
indicates the points you will cover
Which of these is a purpose of the speech conclusion?
summarize the main points of the speech
Which of these is NOT a suggestion for ending a speech?
urge audience participation
urge audience participation
specific purpose
Each main point and subpoint in a formal outline should be worded as
a complete simple sentence
The outline on your notecards that you take to the podium to deliver your speech should have points written in
words and phrases
When preparing an infomative speech, you should first ask yourself whether your topic is _______________ enougn
Which of these is NOT a factor that affects attention
Insipidness - blandness in color and design
The type of design that typically presents steps in a process is ______________ design
The type of design that follows events in the order in which they occurred is ______________ design
The type of design that discusses similarities or differences is ______________ design
We can learn from successful speakers that we must select ___________ topics
We can learn from successful speakers that we must use __________ well
We can learn from successful speakers that we must put a lot of ________________ into the presentation
Which of these is NOT a demographic factor your should consider when analyzing an audience
A feeling that we have developed about a subject is known as a(n)
What we know or think we know abut a subject is known as our
A moral principle that suggests an ideal state of being is known as a(n)
Motivation is a _____________ force that moves people to action
Rigid sets of beliefs and expectations about people in a certain group are
What percent of the world's population speaks English
Which of these is NOT a factor about the communication situation that a speaker should consider when preparing for a speech
I have always been interested in helping you people", is an example of
symbolic racism
When I was at the hospital, I was treated by a male nurse", is an example of
sexist language

To motivate llisterners you must tell them why

You message is important to them

physical setting