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res ipsa loquitur
"the thing speaks for itself"=persons suffer injury caused by the negligent action of another party that would not have otherwise occurred
plaintiff must prove
1) defendant intentionally or negligently caused injuries to occur 2) suffering occurred as result
vivarious liability
someone liable for negligent actions of another person even though no direct involvement with injury
volenti non fit injuria
person knowingly placing himself at risk for danger cannot sue for resulting injuries
Battery example
doing a hysterectomy when only consented for appendectomy
Breach of Duty
deviation from "standard of care"
Example level 3 evidence
case control study, and retrospective cohort study
prospective cohort study
patient groups separately non-randomly by exposure/treatment with exposure occuring after initiation of the study
example level 1 evidence
Randomized controlled study
example level 2 evidence
prospective cohort study
example level 4 evidence
case series
example level 5 evidence
case report, personal observation
negative predictive value
prob patient with neg test doesn't have disease; true neg/(false neg+true neg)
prob screening test will be pos in patients with disease; true po/(true pos+False neg)
secondary prevention
aimed at early disease detection and increasing interventions to prevent progression; eg checking moles
tertiary prevention
reduce neg impact of already established disease by restoring fxn and reducing disease complications
acceptable gifts from pharm reps
food, medically related items (books, modest medical supplies, PDA programs)
Grade A service evidence
strong clinical data support-substantial benefits
Grade B service evidence
high certainty that net benefit is moderate or moderate certaintly that net benefit is moderate to substantial
Grade C service evidence
selectively offering/providing service to patients based on professional judgement and patient preferences; moderate certainty net benefit is small
Grade D service evidence
moderate/high certainty no benefit or that harm outweighs benefits
Grade I service evidence
current evidence insufficient to assess balance of benefits and harms
consolidated omnibus budget reconciliation act; prevents ppl from suddenly losing health coverage when transitioning btwn jobs or when work hours are cut
Emergency Medical treatment and Active Labor Act; hospital provide ER services to ppl who need them regardless of ability to pay/status