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Why are Lucentio and his servant in Padua?
To get Lucentio an education
What do we learn about Lucentio's father Vincentio?
His father is a rich merchant in florence
What advice does Tranio give Lucentio regarding his studies?
Tranio tells him to study what he "effects" or likes best
How does Shakespeare help his audience recognize Tranio's intelligence and education, even though he is clearly Lucentio's servant?
Lucentio takes his advice even though he is a servant and he refrences Philosophes
How does Katharina's father, in one short speech, upset his daughters and Gremio and Hortensio?
By not bestowing Bianca until Kartharina gets married
Find an example of a pun in the conversation between Katharina and Hortensio right after her father announces Katharina must marry first?
She will comb his head with a stool and paint his face red (scratch him until he bleeds)
What does tranio think of Katharina?
She is shrewd and curst
What qualities does Lucentio find appealing in Bianca?
She looks nice, smells nice, and he loves her
Find and example of prose and explain why shakespeare used it where he did.
Prose is regular speaking, not poetry as he normally writes.
He does this to differentiate between nobles and others and emphasice important things (secret plans, etc.)
Who thinks of the plan to present Lucentio as the school master?
Both Lucentio and Tranio
What problem does Tranio see in the school master plan and how is it overcome?
Who will take Lucentio's place?
Tranio will.
Support or refute this: Lucentio falls inlove with Bianca's beauty but he does not really know her.
Yes, He doesn't even talk to her or meet her officially, but he is in love with her.
Why do you think Lucentio says "Tranio, let's go: one thing more rests, that thyself execute, to make one among these wooers?"
He must still win Bianca's love
find an example of a pun in the conversation between Petruchio and his servant Grumio at the beginning.
"Knock me"
Means to knock for me, and also to hit me
Why is Petruchio in Verona?
to marry a rich girl
What qualities does Petruchio want in his wife?
A rich one
What does Petruchio's servant, Gremio, think of having a shrewish wife?
Its a bad thing
Why does Hortensio want to accompany Petruchio to Katharina's house?
To see Bianca
Define Pantaloon, find an example of sarcasm spoken by Grumio that refers to Gremio.
A pantalon is an old man that acts like a fool. The example is "O this woodcock, what an ass it is!
What does Hortensio mean when he says "I promised we would be contributors
and bear his charge of wooing, whatsoe'er."?

What is Gremio's response?
to make Petruchio woo Katharina

Good Idea
When Tranio, disguised as Lucentio, declares his intention to woo Bianca, what does Hortesio and Gremio want? How does Tranio respond?
They want to please Baptista and he says to bring it on.
How does Kate's relationship with her father moticate her to continue her shrewish behavior?
She doesn't have a connection and feels as though she doesn't need to respect or obey anyone.
what are Hortensio and Lucentio's names as teachers?
Lito and Cambio
Petruchio describes Kate in many adjectives. How is this humorous?
Plain, bonny, curst, pretty, super-dainty, mildness, and beauty.
Because she is not
What are the arrangements of Kate and Petruchio's marriage. What does this reveal about him?
He gets 20 thousand crowns and half of the land of Baptista.
He is only in it for the money
How do men feel about their wives?
They should be calm and silent
Petruchio's plan if...
1. she rails
2. she frowns
3. she is mute
4. she tells him to leave
5. she refuses to marry him
1. sings swwt as a nightingale
2. looks clearer than the morning roses
3. commend her voluability
4. acts as though she asked him to stay for weeks
5. ask banns and get married
Why does Katharina strike Petruchio? How does he respond?
He said "What with my tongue in your tail, I am a gentleman." SLAP
I will cuff you
What do you learn about Petruchio's age in:
K - Well aim'd of such a young one
P - Now, by Saint George, I am too young for you.
K - Yet you are wither'd.
He is young, but he looks old
What evidence is there that kate is enjoying her conversation with Petruchio?
She is doing and agreeing with everything he says
What does Petruchio tells Tranio and Gremio about how kate behaves when alone and why is this clever?
He says she is sweet, gentle, and loves him. because it looks like she is in love with im
How does Baptista decide who is marrying Bianca? How is this different than Petruchio?
Whoever offers the most.
Because he would offer the most to wed her.
What condition doe Baptista put on the marriage? How does Tranio satisfy him?
He says Bianca must get everything if he dies before her. He plans to get someone to play Lucentio's father.
List three wyas how Shakespeare continues the theme of appearance vs. reality in AI and II?
1. all trades places
2. P says K loves him
3. description of K as by P
Prove that Tranio is an unusal servant and possesses many of teh qualities of a nobleman.
Loyal, friend, is willing to do whatever he can for Lucentio. Could have left, overtook his position but didn't
Rhyming Couplet.
Then give me leave to read philosophy
And while I pause, serve in your Harmony
How does Lucentio and Hortensio woo Bianca as teachers? Who does she prefer?
They turn their lessons into romantic or wooing statements. She prefers Lucentio ("I like it not, old fashions please me best" to H)
What evidence is there that Hortensio is planing giving up on Bianca?
"Hortensio will be quit with thee by changing." -H
Evidence Kate is hurt by Petruchio when he doesn't show up to the wedding ontime.
"No shame but mine...I must be forced to give my hand...he was a frantic fool...never means to wed where he hath wooed...Lo there is Petruchio's wife if it were fit to please him and come to marry her..." exits weeping
Biondello's old and new news?
Baptista and he go back and forth, punning on world News
Why does Petruchio go to the wedding dresssed as he is? What is his message?
He can do whatever he wants, she is helpless and belitted
What else did Petruchio do on his wedding day against tradition? How does Kate behave?
He 1. knocks down Priest
2. doesn't go to dinner
3. drinks wine.
She is headstrong, trying to hold onto her identity.
What is Lucentio planning by
"Were it no that my fellow school-master Doth watch Bianca's step so narrowly, 'T were good, methinks, to steal our marriage."
To wed her secretley
What is Petruchio saying about a wife's position in her hubby's house by:
"She is my goods, my chattels; she is my house, My household stuff, my field, my barn."
I own her completely, she is my property
Theme of appearance vs. reality of P and K and how much is each just the way they are?
P appears to be ok hubby covers his actions to make it look ok
K seems to be headstrong but is really just a neglected childe
Why does Petruchio complent Kate even in a command? :
"But for my bonnyKate, she must be with me."
Makes it harder for her to resist, she must do as he says.
exmaple of a joke between Grumio and Curtis.
"Away you three inch fool, I am no beast.
G: "Am I but Three inches why they non is a foot and solong am I at the least."
Why does Curtis thinks Petruchio is more shrew than she?
When she falls, he leaves her there and goes on.
List the techniques Petruchio uses to tame hims falcon. What does this say about Shakespeare's feelings on women?
Starved her, ruined her dress, and didn't let her sleep. It shows he thinks that a wife is a quiet one.
Quote the first two lines of a soliloquy from this scene. Who is talking?
Grumio: Fie, fie on all tired jades, on all mad masters, and
all foul ways! Was ever man so beaten?
what oath does Tranio, as Lucentio, and Hortensio take together?
To never marry Bianca
What reasons does Hortensio give for wanting to marry the widow?
TO show he doensn't just care for a woman's looks
How does Tranio convince Pedant to go undercover as Vincentio?
Told him, that as a Mantuan, he would be killed in Padua.
What is the purpose of the followed aside:
Biondello - As much as an apple doth an oyster, and all one.
To bring comedy to the scene and say he looks nothing like Vincentio.
IN what ways is Grumio more lotal to Petruchio than Katharina?
He teases her by promising food, but doesn't bring any as by Petruchio's orders
Why does Petruchio still refuse the clothes even though she approves of them nice and kindly?
To show her that he is still in charge and she will obey him
Why does Hortensio say:
"Why, so this gallant will command the sun."
Being sarcastic about the fight over what time it is.
Why does Baptista, Trnio, and "Vincentio" all go to Tranios house to sign the marriage contract?
Baptista's house has thin walls and he fears someone will overhear or they will be interrupted by Gremio who is still hopeful to marry Bianca.
who does Baptista send to tell Bianca she is wedded? Why does Biondello tell Cambio Baptista is "talking with the deceiving father of a deceitful son."?
He sends Bionello and he says so to bring comedy but light of the situation that he knows is getting ocmplicatated
What happens on the way to Baptista's house that causes Hortensio to say "Go thy ways, the field is won."?
Tells him to stop because he won the fight about the moon
How does Petruchio test Katharina when they meet the real Vincentio? does she pass?
Yes, and he first says the man is a woman, in which she comments on the daintyness and femininity but then he says he is a man, in which she comments on her horrid vision