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What is the most common classification applied to a DBMS

expected type and extent of use

Wider access to well-managed data promotes an ________ view of the organizations operations and a clearer view of the big picture.


A _____ focuses primarily on storing data used to generate tactical or strategic decisions.

Data Warehouse

_____ are the people who use applications programs to run the organization's daily operations

End Users

All fields for a specific entity can be grouped together as a ______.


Data processing specialists are in existence because of ______.

the need to track data and produce reports

A _______ allows the user to specify what must be done without specifying how it must be done.

procedural language

The basic building blocks of all data models are entities, attributes, relationships, and ______.


The hierarchical database model depicts a set of _____ relationships.


A _______ is the equivalent of a file system's record type.


The network database models have ______.

an owner/member relationship that promotes database integrity

The most widely used conceptual model is the _______ model.


What model requires the most detail in its internal model?


THe key's role is based on a concept known as ________.


A superkey is any key that uniquely identifies each ________.


Within a table, the primary key must be unique so that it will identify each row. When this is the case, the table is said to exhibit ________ integrity.


A ________ key is defined as a key that is used strictly for data retrieval purposes.


A superkey that does not contain a subset of attributes that is itself a superkey is called a ___________.

Candidate key