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Who was chosen as NECAs first president in 1901?

Charles L. Eiditz

The chief purpose of NECA is to help enhance the position of its members companies, which are firms primarily engaged in __?__.

Power distribution and or integrated systems work

NECA has four regional offices. In what areas of the United States are they located ?

Eastern, Southern, Midwest, and western

The purpose of NECAs executive Institute is to afford chapter staff executives an opportunity to review __?__.

Service techniques and resolve potential problems

The national electrical contractors Association and the IBEW collectively established the National Labor Management cooperation committee (NLMCC) in which year?


At the local level l, NECA chapters act as__?__ bargaining agents with their corresponding unions in their NEBF benefit


The first __?__ was a 56 page document printed in 1897.

National electrical code

The Council of Industrial Relations (CIR) decisions are all reached by a __?__ vote of all six members from __?__ and all six members from the __?__.

Unanimous / NECA and the IBEW

Joint cooperation between NECA and the IBEW produced the first national apprenticeship standards for the electrical construction industry in __?__.


Which NECA committee is responsible for the production of the magazine the quality connection?

The national Labor Management cooperation committee

The Council of industrial relations(CIR) was founded on the basis of an earlier joint Declaration of principles, which recognized the mutual interest of the __?__, the __?__ and the __?__.

The public, employer and the employee

The CIR was formed in 1920 to hear cases and render decisions on areas of __?__ between labor and __?__.

Disagreement / management

The Council is composed of six representatives of the IBEW and six from the NECA and meets __?__ to hear cases.


CIR decisions are by __?__ vote.


Most local working agreements have a "council clause"?

True or false


What is is NECA's website address?

From the list below all of these characteristics make up an qualified contractor.

1. Access to basic engineering skills

2.many talented apprentices

3. Sound financial basis

4. Skilled supervision

5.qualified labor

6.respectful employees

7. Well trained employees


Membership in NECA is through local __?__, which elect representatives called __?__

Chapters / governors

The board of governors establishes NECAs __?__


A basic tool in estimating is NECA's __?__.

Manual of labor units

NECAs many programs are provided to contractors through the NECA __?__.

Field service

How often does NECAs board of governors meet?


NECAs chapters are grouped into __?__ districts. District __?__ covers outside work only?

10 and 10

In 1946, NECA contractors contributed __?__% of gross payroll to the national electrical benefit fund. In 1977, this was increased to __?__%.

1% to 3%

The national joint apprentice training committee is composed of __?__ NECA members and __?__ IBEW members.

12 and 12

Besides labor relations, marketing, and management services, select the three other major services areas of NECA from the following list.

1. Estimating

2. Equipment sales

3. Communications

4.goverment affairs

5. Technical services

6. Trade shows


Government affairs

Technical services

The role of the chapter __?__ is to conduct the chapters business and act as a liaison between contractors and the local union to promote fair and harmonious Labor Relations.