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what are the different types of effectors of the ANS?
Smooth muscle, cardiac muscle, glands of the body.
What is the difference between somatic nervous system and autonomic nervous system?
Somatic nervous system has one nerve system. Thick myelination.
ANS has two motor neuron, which synap at ANS ganglion.
What is the two division of the ANS?
Sympathetic division & parasyspathetic division.
What does sympathetic division do? In general and examples(11.)
Causes "fight or flight response." Make the heart rate faster, dilate pupils, cold sweaty skin, dry mouth, more O2 in lung, less digestion, no urine, genitals stimulated.
What does parasympathetic divison do? In general and examples(7.)
Causes "rest and digest."
Constricted pupil, lots of saliva, slower breathing, abdominal organs stimulated, bladder and genitals also stimulated.
Describe anatomy of PSNS (parasysmpathetic nervous system)
Preganglionic neuron is long.
Postganglionic neuron is short
Axon branches less, both preganglionic and postganglionic axon secrete acetylcholine (cholinergic)
Describe anatomy of SNS.
Preganglionic neuron is short
Post ganglionic neuron is long
Axon branches a lot, preganglionic axon uses acetycholine (cholinergic)postganglionic axon secrete norepinephrine(adrenergic)
Where do SNS originate? Where is preganglionic cell?
Between T1 and L2.
In the visceral motor region of the spinal gray matter (lateral gray horn).
What are two classes of the sympathetic ganglia?
Sympathetic trunk ganglia
Collateral ganglia
The sympathetic trunk ganglia
are joined to the ventral rami of spinal nerves by ______ and _____.
White rami communicantes
Gray rami communicates
Where does parasympathetic division originate?
From oculomotor nerve(3), facial nerve(7),glossopharyngeal(9),and vagus nerve (10), sacral spinal cord S2-S4
What is another name for sympathetic division and parasympathetic division?
Thoracolumbar division
Craniosacral division
How does the adrenal medulla assist the ANS?
It secrete great quantities of two excitatory homones;norepinephrine and epinephrine (adrenaline), and produce widespread excitatory effects.
What type of neurons are the visceral sensory receptors?
Interorecepters and peripheral ganglia.
What are the five companents of a visceral reflex?
1.Receptor organ,2.Visceral sensory or afferent neuron (unipolar),3. Visceral motor of efferent (Pre-ganglionic)4. Visceral motor or efferent neuron (Post-ganglionic), muscles) 5. Effector organ (e.g. gland or smooth muscles)
Describe an unusual feature of visceral pain.
When visceral organ is cut or scraped, often there is very little pain.
What can cause visceral pain?
Chemicla irritation, inflammation, muscle spasm, excessive stretch (eating too much)
Why is it hard to pinpoint where the pain is coming from?
Because of very low density of nociceptive fibers
Define referred pain?
Example of refered pain.
Pain felt in the area distant from its are of origin. Heart attack felt in superior thoracic and medial side of the left arm, Gallblader in shoulder