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William Jennings Bryan
Three-time presidential nominee, who ran against McKinley on a platform advocating free coinage of silver
Andrew Carnegie
Industrialist who dominated the new steel industry
Comstock Lode
Nevada site of very rich silver mines
Commodore George Dewey
Commander of the U.S. naval forces that destroyed the Spanish fleet in Manila Bay
Lt. Colonel George Custer
American military commander who led troops massacred at Little Big Horn
Dawes Act of 1887
Broke up tribal lands into 160-acre plots, which were distributed among individual Indians
Joseph Glidden
Inventor of barbed wire, which led to the enclosure of land on the open range
Samuel Gompers
Leader of the American Federation of Labor (AFL)
Great American Desert
The last western frontier, the Great American Plains
Homestead Act of 1862
Promised U.S. settlers 160 acres of public land in the West if they lived on it for five years and paid a small fee
Kettle Hill and San Juan Hill
American victory in Cuba
Oliver Hudson Kelley
Founder of the Grange, a political and social organization for farmers
Ku Klux Klan
Anti-African American and anti-Semitic organization
Major General Nelson Miles
Commander of the U.S. armed forces in Cuba during the Spanish-American War
William Randolph Hearst
Proponent of yellow journalism
John D. Rockefeller
President of Standard Oil Company
Teddy Roosevelt
Member of the U.S. First Volunteer Cavalry during the Spanish-American War
Location of an insurrection led by nationalist guerillas after the Spanish-American War
Puerto Rico
A U.S. possession in the Caribbean after 1898
Sitting Bull
Lakota chief who eventually joined Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show