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Bilbo overhears his friends talking;explain his Gandalf feels about bilbo.
Gandalf says that bilbo is the following
A. His friend
B. not a bad chap
C. Feels responsible
D. He will be useful to them
E. Gandalf will not go any further without bilbo
Determine why you think bilbo did not tell his friends about the magic ring
Bilbo wanted to keep it for himself. He had just gained his reputation as a burglar with the dwarves and didn't want to loose it
Explain why the dwarves,having a wizard with them get into trouble with the goblins. Didn't the wizard know about the goblins
Elton's and Gandalf had been aware is the goblins, but didn't know where the back entrance to the goblin cave was. Gandalf did not expect to be in the cave that they were resting in
Evaluate what the wizard thought about the rock slide that carried them down the mountain
Gandalf thought the rockslide was a good thing because the goblins would have to make noise to follow them, and it will be difficult to track them. The slide also moved them further much more quickly than he hoped
"Escaping the goblins to be caught by wolves," said the hobbit. How does this explain the chapter title?
This means they got out of a bad situation only to find themselves in an even worse situation. The title is an idiom
Provide a detailed explanation as to how the party managed to escape the wargs,the evil wolves. Explain how bilbo felt about Gandalf's rescue
They climbed trees and were surrounded by wargs. Gandalf then hit the wargs with flaming pine cones. Then the goblins started setting fires around the trees,and the eagles became curious as to what was occurring. The eagles end up picking up the party and flying them to safety. Bilbo is scared during the escape but also happy to get out if danger.
Summarize 4 major details that you learned about Beorn not annoy him
2. Skim changer
3. Very strong
4. Easily angered
5. He lives in an oak wood/wooden house
6. Don't ask him a lot of questions
7. He built the car rock steps
Explain where Beorn went the night that the adventurers were with him. Why?
He went to verify that their story was true because it's difficult to trust anyone on the edge of mirkwood
Make a summarization of Beorn's advice for the journey
"Dark,dangerous,and difficult..." (132) there is not food or water in mirkwood. There are many dangerous creatures so Beorn gave them bows and arrows. They are not to bathe in or drink from the enchanted stream
Determine the most important advice that Beorn and Gandalf gave the adventurers about mirkwood. Explain why you feel this is the most important. Provide evidence from the text.
DO NOT LEAVE THE PATH! I feel this is most important because if they don't they won't make it out. In the book it states there are false paths and you can get lost.
Make an analysis of the reason why Gandalf left the adventurers . Make an inference if it was of much comfort to the dwarves to have the hobbit help them instead of the wizard.
Gandalf had to leave because he had some pressing business to attend to in the south (necromancer) being with the party so long already made him late.
I believe the dwarves were more uncomfortable having to have the hobbit to help them instead of the wizard.
Ancient time before the Middle Ages,or artifact
Consumed by darkness
To be obligated by favor
I'm most obliged to you for doing the dishes
Take a risk
Donna went on a venture into the dark woods
Under the earths surface
To choke
She throttled the mean man
Unfortunate or unhappy person
We tried to help the wretch but it didn't work
Clever or witty.
The boy is very ingenious
Unfortunate situation
She was in a plight
Discard or confusion
The height of something or the top of most part of a structure or rock
Relation to someone
You are descended from your mother