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What best summarizes mrs. Mallards view on marriage as an institution?

It too easily becomes a men and women to control one another

According to Josephine's account, how did mr. Mallard die?

He was in a train wreck

What best characterizes mrs. Mallards relationship with her husband?

It is generally loving and reciprocal

What is the most appropriate phrase of the smile when mrs. Mallard was crying?

As a child will sob after losing consciousness, Louise did not know anymore why she was crying

The attending doctors pronounce the cause of mrs. Miller's death to be the "joy that kills".what do the doctors mean by this?

She is overwhelmingly happy that Brently is alive

What is the strongest impulse of mrs. Mallards being?

A desire for self-assertion

Why does mrs. Mallard sister, Josephine, Shield the truth of mr. Mallards death from her?

She assumes the shock will kill her invalid sister

Which goddess does mrs. Mallard unwittingly resemble as she descends the staircase with Josephine?

Nike, goddess of victory