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conditions that challenge or threaten individual’s capacities to respond in ways that preserve and protect personal well-being, how it affects you deals with your perception of it
defined start and end point ex. Heart attack
long-term ex. Congestive heart failure
Feel like there is more control over acute
How do these affect pts?
acute stressors
trying to get someone to take pt. somewhere, death of a spouse, divorce
chronic stressors
experience more as we age, have a greater effect on the body when younger
Self Efficacy
you feel you can do it! Also need people around you who tell you that you can do it.
Coping efforts
(how we’re dealing with the problem) those who effectively cope with stress are less likely to have negative health consequences
- Not all are equal! Not all are good!
Active/problem-focused coping
taxes are due, know how bad it makes feel – so just sit down and get it done (If don’t do this then will have more stress because the problem is still there)
Emotion-focused coping
doing things to try and make yourself feel better (not focused on solving the problem) – takes immediate stress level down, but it still has not fixed the problem – doesn’t reduce the stress level long term