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How much time passed after Obierika's first visit before he came again?
two years
What was Obierika's main reason for visiting Okonkwo the second time? How did Okonkow react to this
to tell him that his son, Nwoye, had joined the missionaries

he already knew this, but refused to discuss it because it upset him so much
For the most part, what type of people converted to Christiantiy?
the efulefu (worthless men with no titles) and the osus (outcasts)
What did the missionaries do when they arrived in Mbanta?
they preached about their beliefs and g-d in the center of the village, and then sang songs of their faith
What did the missionaries request of the village? How did they respond?
they requested a plot of land on which to build their church

the elders decided to give them land in the evil forest, expecting them to die soon thereafter, but they did not
What did the Ibo interpreter say in place of "myself"?
my buttocks
What about his own culture caused Nwoye to be attracted to Christianity?
he was upset by the twins he had seen thrown into the forest and the death of Ikemefuna, and Christianity did not promote these confusing acts of cruelty, but rather soothed him
Why were the villagers surprised by the missonaries' fates?
Because they expected them to be dead within 4 days of entering the evil forest, or at most 28 days, but they were not
How did Okonkwo discover that Nwoye had joined the missionaries?
Okonkwo's cousin, Amikwu, passed the church on his way from the neighboring village and saw Nwoye among the Christians, and then went to tell Okonkwo
What did Okonkwo do when Nwoye returned?
He demanded to know where Nwoye had been, and beat him until he told.
What did Nwoye do after he left his father's house?
He went to Mr. Kiaga and told him that he wanted to go to the missionary school in Umuofia to learn to read and write, and never returned to his family
What rumors were going around about the missionaries?
that they had set up their own government to protect their people, and had hung one of the villagers for killing a white man
What action by the missionaries greatly offended the villagers and converts?
they allowed the osus, or outcasts, to join the Christian society, and told them to cut their hair and shave their beards
What was one of the osu christians accused of doing? What did the elders and rulers of Mbanta do about it?
He was accused of killing the royal python, which was sacred to the village

they decided to ostracize the Christians, meaning they could not use the stream or enter the market or be part of the village in any way
What did the missionaries decided to do when they found out they had been ostracized?
they decided to rebel
What traditions emphasized the royal snake's importance?
-it was addressed as "Our Father"
-it could go wherever it wanted, even people's beds
-it ate rats and hens' eggs
-if a man accidentally killed one, he made sacrifices and performed an expensive burial ceremony, fit for a great man