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Who is Orsino?

The Duke of Illyria

With whom does Orsino hopelessly fall in love?

Olivia, a rick countess

Why is Olivia in mourning?

Her father died, and shortly after, her brother died.

What has Olivia vowed to do?

She refuses to take part in male suitors for 7 years.

Who is Viola?

A shipwrecked young woman who thinks her twin, Sebastian, has drowned.

What happened to Sebastian?

Viola thinks he has drowned, but he is actually alive

Viola wishes to become whose servant?

Olivia's; but she can't because Olivia is in mourning.

Who is Viola's second choice to be the servant of?

Duke Orsino

What is her plan to become the servant of the Duke?

Borrow male clothes from the captain, and pretend she is a eunuch to pose as a man.

Who is Olivia's Uncle?

Sir Toby; a drunk.

Who is Sir Andrew Aguecheek?

Sir Toby's friend who also likes to drink. He is not intelligent enough to understand that Sir Toby is only using him for his money.

Who is Sir Andrew hoping to court?

Lady Olivia.

What is Viola's new identity?


Describe the relationship between Cesario and Orsino.

Orsino has told Cesario about his love for Olivia. Viola has fallen in love with Orsino. It's Viola's job to woo Olivia for Orsino.

How does Orsino describe Cesario in scene iv?

An invaluable servant who knows him best.

What does Viola reveal to the audience in an aside near the end of iv?

She is in love with Orsino.

Why does Olivia want the fool, Feste, out of her house?

He took off 3 days without telling her

How is Cesario described in scene v as he is waiting to see Olivia?

A rude, aggressive and disobedient young man.

What does Cesario plan to say to Olivia?

She plans to tell Olivia that she needs to love Orsino.

How does the conversation between Olivia and Cesario turn?

Olivia listens to Cesario and falls in love with him (Cesario)

What is Olivia's response for Orsino?

She will not entertain him, but if Cesario wants to return to visit and talk more, she would like to have him.

Why does Olivia send Malvolio out at the end of scene v?

He is being rude to the fool, Feste.

How does Olivia feel about Cesario?

She has fallen in love with him.