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The emotional and dramatic Last Supper by Tintoretto reflects the artistic goals of

Raphael's The School of Athens, and Michelangelo's The Creation of Adam are frescoes.
The use of ________ can be seen in the painting Madonna and Child with Saint Anne.
Venice, Rome, and Florence
The strange and artificial sense of form and space in 16th-century Italian painting is typical of
the merchant class
Which characteristic helps define the art of 15th-century northern European artists?
a revival of interest in ancient Greek and Roman ideals.
Michelangelo considered the field of ________ to be his foremost specialty.
The system of linear perspective was developed in the early 15th century in
The Renaissance was
their precise rendering of surface details
Which new group of art patrons emerged during the Renaissance?


The three most vital centers of Italian art during the Renaissance were
Which work is a fresco painting?

The Catholic Counter-Reformation.


Defining concept of the Renaissance; Intellectual movement focused on man being the greatest creation of God.