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latin "well, good"
benevolent (adj.
Kindly; favorable toward
"A beneveloent neightbor put the runaway boy up for the night."
benign adj.
causing no harm "although police initially thought the substance was deadly chemical, they soon discovered it was totally benign" ant: deadly
accord n.
sameness of opinion; agreement "The leaders of th enation were in accord on the necessity of a new budget, but no one could agree on how the money should be spent.
syn: harmony, ant: strife
Latin heart
discord n.
lack of agreement; disharmony "Although they tried to hide their disagreement, the discord between the two teammates was obvious. syn disunity
cordial adj.
warmly friendly and polite "If leon can't be cordial towards his ex-girlfriend, he shouldn't go to her party." syn: courteous ant: hostile
latin spirit
animosity n.
anger or hostility :despite all the insults he had recieved, Aaron expressed no animosity towards anyone." syn: bitterness ant: civililty
equanimity n.
evenness of mid or spirit; calm " After her father reassured her, the small girl was able to face the bully with equanimity ." syn: composure/ ant: hysteria
magnanimous adj.
generous in spirit "it was quite magnanimous of Stewart to shake hands with Neil, even after Neil tried to trip him at the track meet. syn: unselfish ant: greedy
Latin bad
dismal adj.
causing great sadness or pessimism "my first attempt to build a birdhouse was a dismal failure; nails stuck out everywhere, and the paint collected in messy clumps. syn: gloomy/ ant: cheerful
Malevolent ajd.
Wishing harm towards; hostile "Erin says putting a "kick Me" sign on Reggie's back was an innocent practical joke, but I think it was a malevolent gesture. syn: spiteful ant: friendly
Malicious adj.
Intended to hurt or harm. "Whan Laurie forgot to give April an important phone message, April accused her of being malicious." syn: damaging ant: helpful