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The Liensee Charged in a DBPR complaint is made public when?
10 days after probable cause is found to exist
the administrative law judge has issue a recommended order. how many days will a party to the hearing have to file an exception to the the recommended order?
15 days
if Joe violate a rule under chapter 475 and this is a first offense, what is the period of time of probation he could receive, unless otherwise stated by the commission?
90 days
what florida agency is responsible for investigating real estate complaints?
why is a summary suspension order given?
Because the department feels that there is an immediate danger to public health, safety, and welfare.
when a licensee is being served with the final order of the FREC, how many days does he have to file an appeal with the district court?
30 days
the department receives an unsigned complaint. what can the department do?
Investigate the complaint if the department wishes
a broker was sued in a civil action following an earnest money dispute, which the broker had reported to the FREC. he had received received an earnest money disbursement order. the court awarded damages of $15000 to the defendant against the broker. the broker paid the damages and requested reimbursement from the real estate recovery fund. which statement is true?
Because the FREC issued the earnest Money disbursement order, the broker is entitled to repayment up to $50,000.
the probable cause panel:
Holds an investigation, and, if probable cause is found to exist, will direct the department to file a formal complaint against the subject of the investigation.
a licensee has been issued a final order of the FREC, suspending his license. how long time period is the maximum a suspension can last?
The maximum is 10 years
the division of administrative?
Provides I depending administrative law judges to conduct hearing pursuant to other law, and under contract with governmental entities.
Administer and enforces the real estate license law, chapter 475, part I, Florida statutes
consumers have certain rights under Florida law if they suffered damages caused by the financial mismanagement. of a license division I contractor or construction company with whom they have signed a construction contract. these rights are enforced by:
Florida homeowners construction recovery fund
the Florida real estate recovery fund
Shall be disbursed as provided on order of the commission, as reimbursement to any person, partnership or corporation adjudged by a court of competent civil jurisdiction in this state to have suffered monetary damages by reason of any act committed, as a part of any real estate brokerage transaction involving real property in this state, by any broker or sales associate.