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What do endothelial cells of peritubular capillaries synthesize and secrete?
What part of the nephron is involved in hydroxylation of 25-OH vitamin D3 to 1,25 OH2 D3
proximal tubules
What cell type may be used to resist cahnges in volume and prssure?
90-95% of the blood passing through the kidney can be found where?
What is a nephron?
Renal corpuscle and all its ducts
Are the renal columns of Bertin part of the cortex or the medulla?
They are extensions of the cortex in between the pyramids, but since they're in the medulla area, they are part ofthe medulla.
Is lobulation obvious in adult kidneys?
No, only in fetal and then disappears in adult
Right before the collecting duct reaches the papilla of the medulla, what does the name change to?
Papillary duct (of Bellini)
Area cribrosa is the perforated part of the papilla where the collecting ducts come out into the minor calyx
What is the primary component of the filtration barrier?
Glomerular basal lamina
What part of the filtration apparatus can be stained with PAS?
glomerular basal lamina
What is the space in between neighboring pedicles called?
Slits. This is where blood leaks out into the urinary space.
What helps regulate the size of the filtration slits?
Actin filaments of the podocytes
How does ultrafiltrate (blood) reach the slits?
The capillaries are highly fenestrated so it leaks through their into slits into urinary space.
3 components of filtration apparatus
lacis cells
mesangial cells that are outside of the corpuscle. part of the juxtaglomerular appartatus
Macula densa: cells in the wall of the distal tubule
JG cells: modified cells in AFFERENT arterioles. Contain secretory granules full of renin.
Blood pressure regulation
How does the PCT reabsorb amino acids and sugars?
Microville have ATPAses, peptidases and disacchardases which breakdown the peptids and sugars and then they get reabsorbed using ATPases.
What kind of nephrons have the longest loops?
Justamedullary nephorns
Nephorns with shortest loops?
Cortial nephrons
Cell types vary according to length of loop in the thin part.
Reabsorption and secretion
collecting duct
what type of cells in collecting tubules use ATP dependnt pumps to secrete H+ into the lumen?
alpha intercalated cells (type of dark cell)
What type of aquaporin do light cells use that is responsible for H20 permeability?
Where does the vasa recta lie?
Mesangial cells outside of the renal corpuscle along the vascular pole
lacis cells. form part of the juxtaglomerular apparatus