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1) The Veeam Virtualization Extensions Service does which of the following?

Maintains a central license pool for distribution to monitored Hyper-V hosts

Manages license distribution for all deployed Collector servers

If you can't access Veeam Extensions UI (i.e., the page does not display), what should you try?

Check whether the web console site is in the list of ‘Trusted sites.’

Find where the “broken link” resides for the following troubleshooting cases:

The Collector triggers an alert: ‘vCenter Connection is down.' - Check the network connection and availability of vCenter server.The Collector cannot connect to vCenter, but the alert detail includes ‘access denied’, ‘expired password’ or similar. - Check the account used for connection to vCenter in the Veeam Extensions UI.System Center alerts that the OpsMgr Agent on the Collector server is processing too many workflows. - Check the allocation of Monitoring Jobs (vSphere Hosts and Clusters) to this Collector in the Veeam Extensions UI.

Which factors should be taken into account during deployment of Veeam MP?

Sufficient number of collectors

Free space on the SQL server for Veeam MP historical data

In order to discover additional monitoring data, which of the following components should be deployed in the guest OS of the vSphere VMs to be monitored?

Operation Manager Agert

VMware Tools

Where should the Ops Manager monitoring agent be installed to enable monitoring of the entire backup infrastructure?

On the Veeam Backup & Replication serverOn the Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager serverOn backup proxiesOn backup repositoriesOn WAN accelerators All of the above

How do you configure the Veeam Virtualization Extensions Service?

Via Veeam VE Shell

Via Veeam VE UI

What type of connection to VMware systems is supported by the Veeam Collector?

Connection to vCenter ServerDirect connection to vSphere hosts All of the above

If you have SCVMM Server deployed in your Hyper-V virtual environment, you should deploy an Ops Mgr agent only on this server (no need to deploy on Hyper-V hosts) at the beginning of the install of Veeam MP for Hyper-V.


Which of the following versions of Microsoft Hyper-V Server are supported by the Veeam Hyper-V MP?

Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012 and later

How does Veeam MP gather data from Hyper-V environments?

Via local SCOM agent

What security considerations are necessary when installing Veeam MP for System Center?

Accounts and Privileges

Network Protocols and Ports

Which one of the following management packs is not included by Veeam Management Pack for System Center?

SQL Database MP

Which Veeam Management Pack component extends Windows PowerShell to allow configuration and management of VE Service through the command line?

Veeam Virtualization Extensions Shell (VE Shell)

Where can you find information for contacting Veeam Support to open a new support case?

Which of these scenarios can cause problems when using Veeam MP for Hyper-V to view performance data from a newly added Hyper-V host?

The license file has no available sockets.

Windows Safe Mode

As a general rule-of-thumb, one Collector can monitor up to [answer] VMs.


Match each Veeam Management Pack for VSphere component with its function:

Veeam Collector - Gathers data from VSphere systems via best-practice agentless API methods.Veeam VE UI - Allows authorized users to access the VE Service and configure VMware connections, Veeam Collector settings and other parameters.Veeam VEShell - Extends Windows PowerShell to allow configuration and management of VE Service through command line and scripting automation.Veeam Management Packs - Brings VMware-specific rules, monitors, alerts, views, tasks, etc. into System Center.

Select the correct description of Collector-Only Installation of Veeam Management Pack.

Additional Collector(s) are installed to the existing Veeam MP for VMware vSphere installation.

Veeam Management Pack for Veeam Backup is a separate management pack, which requires a separate license file and a separate installation file.


Veeam Management Pack for System Center is an enterprise management solution that:

Delivers in-context views with heatmaps for visualizing real-time data

Leverages and extends the System Center framework

Includes monitoring, reporting and capacity planning for Veeam Backup & Replication

Which Veeam Management Pack component maintains a central license pool for distribution to monitored Hyper-V hosts?

Veeam Virtualization Extensions Service (VE Service)

Which of the following statements regarding Veeam MP auto-deployment installation scenario are true?

Recommendations for the number of Veeam Collector servers required will be made during the installation.

It's not mandatory to create a new resource pool when installing Collectors.

Where can the Veeam VMware Collector be installed?

On an Operations Manager agent (in Proxy mode)

On an Operations Manager Management Server

Which service is co-installed with Veeam Collector to provide the route for delivery of vSphere data into Operations Manager?

The System Center Operations Management Health service

For which versions of Veeam Management Pack is direct upgrade to Veeam Management Pack v7 (for vSphere environments) supported?

v6 and later

Which of the following should be done when you install Veeam Management Pack for Hyper-V?

Configure Ops Mgr agents to allow Proxying.

Deploy Ops Mgr agents on all hosts in your Hyper-V infrastructure.

If you have SCVMM Server deployed in your Hyper-V virtual environment, connect it with Ops Mgr.

Under what conditions during an upgrade from an older version to v7 should you uninstall Veeam MP components from one server and install them on another server?

In case the previous version of Veeam MP was installed on a VM that does not run the Management Server role

In the Veeam MP auto-deployment installation scenario:

The Veeam VMware Collector component is automatically deployed on Management Servers of your choice.

Which Veeam Management Pack component performs data collection from the VMware vSphere infrastructure and submits the collected data to Operations Manager?

Veeam Collector

If vCenter fails, what feature ensures that data will still be collected without interruption?

vCenter Connection Failover

Which of the following Veeam Extensions Topologies does not display?


Which of the following actions can be performed to extend Hyper-V monitoring options?

Use VMs by Integration Services state view and update any of the VMs' outdated Integration Services.

How does the Veeam Collector component gather data from VMware systems?

Via vSphere web API methods

Which Veeam Management Pack component, deployed to the Operations Manager management server, brings in virtual infrastructure-specific rules, monitors, alerts and tasks?

Veeam Management Packs