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Archaeologists were astounded in 1999-2000 when they discovered a cache of 2,200 ___________ buried at Tupac Amaru.
A. mummies
B. texts
C. iron swords
D. helmets
After the fall of Teotihuacán in the sixth century C.E., the northwest region of the Mexican Valley rose to prominence because of its reserves of
A. gold.
B. iron ore.
C. gemstones.
D. salt.
The Ecuadorians imported copper from Peru and used it mostly for personal items, such as jewelry that was used to denote
A. sanctity.
B. military prowess.
C. artisanal states.
D. social rank.
social rank
The Toltecs arrived in Tula c. 900 form northwest Mexico, and brought with them their language, which was
A. Nahuatl.
B. Quechua.
C. Warian.
D. Zapotec.
One feature of the Toltec state was it emphasis on war in culture, best exhibited by which of the following?
A. a new temple in the city center
B. sacrifice of captured warriors
C. use of copper for decorative objects
D. use of mummification.
sacrifice of captured warriors