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Where did copernicus begin his career?
University of Krakow (Poland)
Believe reason could not explain metaphysics
Immanuel Kant
Term for Enlightenment thinkers
Found truth in "i think, therefore i am"
Rene Descartes
Advocated by pennsylvanias founder
Home of galileo
Enlightenment-era french satire
religious philosophy of the 1700s based on natural law
international law
home of methodist movement
editor of the encyclopedie
denis diderot
master work of baron de montesquieu
the spirit of laws
boyle's criticism of alchemy
air cant be a basic element b/c its made up of mixture of diff gasses
site of madam de pompadours salons
refuted many of copernicus's hypotheses
johannes kepler and galileo galilei
advocate of international law
hugo gratus
influenced Thomas Jefferson
John Locke
Place over which Maria Theresa ruled
voltaire's place of exile
Francis bacon is credited with
developing the scientific method
According to hobbes people
should form a contract or agreement to give up their freedom and live obediently under a ruler
copernicus proposed that
the earth was round
the enlightenment-influenced ruler who instituted many reforms in prussia was
Frederick II
the period known as the age of enlightenment occurred from the late ____ through the___
1600s to 1700s
deism was characterized by the belief that
religious philosophy of 1700s based on reason and the idea of natural law
in Discours on Method, Tene descartes begins his search for knowledge by
doubting everything but his own existence
jean-jacques rousseau argued that
people shoud rely more on emotion and instinct
diderot was imprisoned for
his writings
the american constitution was heavily influenced by the writings of
john locke
the founder of an american quaker colony and advocate of pacifism was
william penn
name three ppl who made discoveries in anatomy
andreas vesalius, william harvey, and ???
The below average cambridge student who eventually develope3d groundbreadking theories in physics was
isaac newton
baron de montesquieu believed that government power
should be equally divide among the branches of gov
calculus was developed by
isaac newton
Thomas jefferson based much of the declaration of independence on the ideas of
john locke (social contract between gov and individuals
kepler used mathematical formulas to prove that
planets move on an oval path
andreas vesalius achieved his breakthrough discoveries by
dissecting human bodies
one opponent of the enlightenments emphasis on reason was
jean-jacques rousseau
the husband and wife team that contributed to teh understanding of oxygen was
antoine and marie lewoisier
newtons theories about the law of gravity were published in
rather than return to the bastille voltaire chose to
be exiled from france
hugo grotius became known for proposing that
one body of rules could reduce the dealings of gov to a system of reason and order
william penn advocated
until the 1500s most knowledge of anatomy was based on the work of
claudius galen
the rule of leopold II was marked by his attempt to
revoke the reforms
thomas hobbes argued that the best form of gov was
absolute monarchy
The parisian woman celebrated for running parisian intellectual gatherings was
madam de pompedour